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DIY vacuum tube guitar amps, pro audio, original music.

Trainwreck Express-like guitar amplifier with 6V6 output
6V6 Trainwreck Express-like amp in combo cabinet
Moonlight becomes a walnut, wicker, and copper combo amp
Moonlight in walnut, wicker, and copper
Bass preamplifier using Ampeg SVT (actually SVP-CL) circuit
Ampeg SVT-style (SVP-CL) bass preamp
Dual channel tube blackface-style bass preamp with transformer balanced low impedance output
Dual channel blackface-style preamp, Version 2
Philco 7001 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter (VTVM) is restored
Philco 7001 VTVM circa 1947 is restored
A solid-state combo amp has its guts ripped out and replaced with vacuum tubes
Dual channel tube mic preamp using Pultec MB-1 circuit 4/2005 Dual channel tube microphone preamp
Hold your head up: A recording of my midi sequence of Rod Argent's Hammond organ solo 2/2005 Argent solo
Tiny all-pentode tube guitar amp 1/2005 All-pentode guitar amp
Pultec MB-1 tube microphone preamplifier clone prototype
Pultec MB-1 mic preamp clone prototype
An all-octal Moonlight with twice the power output 10/2004 Arc Moonlight
A tube guitar amp I built from Simcha Delft's Moonlight design 5/2004 Moonlight
Prototype for the moonlight guitar amp 4/2004 Moonlight prototype
Dual channel tube bass preamp based on Fender blackafce design (ala Alembic F2B) 3/2004 Dual channel tube bass preamp
My first scratch-built guitar amp 7/2003 SE Triode guitar amp with 6S4A
25W+25W Stereo Hi-Fi amplifier using
the National Semiconductor LM1875
3/2002 Stereo amp using LM1875
I played guitar in a classic rock band 1993-2005 The Advisors

Disclaimer:  Vacuum tube circuits operate at high voltages.  Contact with circuit components or wiring may cause serious injury or death.  High voltages may remain present in tube equipment for a long time, even if the circuit is turned off or disconnected from the mains voltage.  Do not attempt to repair or build vacuum  tube circuits unless you fully understand the safety principles and possess the technical craft required for dealing with high voltage mains-operated equipment.