Rosettes for Medals and Ribbons
A email asking about Rosettes

The intent of the site is for informational purpose, to see what is out there by what I have found,
and to show how extensive Rosettes and there use is.
My experience with Rosettes is that there is no exact system to the color pattern in relation to the Medal Ribbon,
it is as if artistic expression is allowed to flourish.
The web site is laid out as if you have a Rosette and do not know what it is, thus the pictures are divided up by color,
so if it has Black in its color, look there first, if not there look in the Medal section.
The Medals which have Rosettes are sorted by color also, but there you can see the color pattern in the Ribbon,
This would help if a Rosette follows the ribbon pattern. see Rosette patterns
If you can't find it, send me a picture of it so I can add it in and maybe help get it ID'ed.
If the unknowns I have are known to you, please let me know.
 See below for further information
click on links below for that areas info.
Most of the pictures shown here I do not have the Rosettes but have gathered pictures from various sources for information purpose only, see extras below for Rosettes I have.

Rosettes: A Brief History
Other Countries
United States Medals with Rosettes
United Nations
Other US Rosettes 
Different colors for same Rosette
  Dave's Collection of Rosettes

Foreign Medals with Rosettes Awarded to USA Indiviuals
Unknowns   Variety and Multi use Types
Links/Information about Rosettes, getting them made
My extras
Image sizes may be reduced to fit page

These below are in my collection
Their sizes are from 10-13mm--3/8 to 1/2 inch
Rosettes are=BH=Button Hole--RR=ribbon bar Rosette, size app. 3/8 in.-CB=clutch-back
PAGE 1 and 2 are US Military


PAGE 3 is Civilian

Civilian with Ribbons that I had available to show pattern of Ribbon/Rosette

PAGE 5 is US Government

PAGE 6 is French

PAGE 7 is Foreign Countries


PAGE 9 is Ribbon Bar Rosettes


Eric Bush 2009
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updated 03/2019