United Nations Rosettes
[Courtesy of a former UN FSO]
They are issued when one is eligible after 90 days in the mission area. They are only issued to Field Service Officers (FSOs) [FSO have a Uniform (grey-blue with black stripe on trousers - looks like US Mail ], and they are a  branch of the UN serving in peacekeeping missions only. They work as security, admin, radio techs, radio operators and vehicle mechanics. They are civilian, unlike the military observers and  / or troops in peacekeeping missions that are seconded by their governments. The military are issued a full UN medal (same medal but different ribbon for each mission, although Korea always had its own different medal). The very same ribbons for each mission that the military are awarded, are the ribbons that the FSO rosettes are made from. Some FSOs suffer caustlties as well as their Military Brothers, get blown up, killed and dismembered -
My remarks-Also as Rosettes are mainly given as Civilian wear, this would seem to be a very appropriate Award for non-Military and I would think
special as only they would have one to wear when an occasion called for it.




Eric Bush 2009

created 2009
updated 03/2019