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This site has some artwork that I have done both by hand using pencil and pencil & ink. I also have a page on graphics art done on the PC. There are an assortment of pictures that I thought were interesting or artistic. Food and brew covers some favorite recipes.
There are projects on this site mostly related to metalworking, weather, electronics, mathematics, control systems and software.
The links page provides further reading and references on these and many other subjects.

This site was started in 1999 and it is not updated often as of 2014. The tools for web site development have changed a lot over the years, this site is a museum piece now, it was hand coded in HTML, mostly using the eMacs editor and uploaded using command line FTP. I still use the command line often both in Windows and Linux, I am glad I learned how to use it when I was young, it is the power tool that is great to have in the toolbox.

I was Looking for a good tool to develop websites and was led to WordPress in 2013. I have since spent a good amount of time learning WordPress and have developed pages using it. Currently the blog is mostly a test area for trying things out with WordPress. But, I have started to write posts on info I have come across or my thoughts, mostly technical at this point. That site will be where I put any new info for the most part. Blog

FYI: I am now on Facebook under erickclasen. (3/2009)

Site Updates

Visual summary of current weather conditions

The software projects page covers topics such as,
A Data Encryption Program. And a basic description of data encryption.
The Lunar Phase Program. Creates an almanac of moon and sun positions.
Weather Statistics Program. Approximate sunrise and sunset, average temperatures for a given day.
Command Line Calculator Program. A very simple calculator that works directly from the DOS command line.
Cellular Automata Graphics Programs. Draws various cellular automata such as the chaotic one shown here.
CAT Transceiver Control Program. Controls a Yaseu FT767GX HF Transceiver using a PC via the serial port. (12/2007)

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