6/9/2011 - Intro to the Tao Te Ching program PDF handout. This was the handout for the 6/13/2011 HCL program. Tao_Intro.pdf
The document covers some of the basics of the Tao, such as what is it and where did it come from, the many different translations of the Tao,going over the longest and shortest verses in the Tao. Emptying you cup! Yin-Yang, Soft overcoming hard, Wu-Wei: Water Course Way. Within it I refer to a scene in the middle of episode 25 (~12:30) from the anime Eureka 7 and a scene in episode 8 (~7:30) of Cowboy Bebop. (293)

9/22/2010 -   Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion with fire added to the artwork page. Fairy type 5 that was completely drawn on the computer added to the computer artwork page.

6/10/2010 -  - Kohane - (ko-haw-nay) "Small Feather" Fairy added  to the artwork page.

- Created the Hat and Pipe Cat Gallery under the artwork page.

3/31/2010 - Tables created to organize artwork and computer artwork better. Table of contents redone for links page.

3/28/2010 - Put C and BASIC Source Code up on this sites public FTP location.
The source code is available via FTP at ftp://ftp.frontiernet.net/pub/users/erickclasen/public_ftp/C/ and ftp://ftp.frontiernet.net/pub/users/erickclasen/public_ftp/BAS/
respectively for C files or BASIC files.

3/15/2010 - Put up more artwork, Suki, Posh Bob Girl and Plurissa the Posh Bob Fairy on the artwork page.

2/28/2010 - More links added from the favorites from the 4 computers at home. Links are easy to add by exporting favorites as HTML in Firefox.

2/10/2010 - Weather summary page updated with webcams and traffic data for NY,PA,MD,VA,WV & NC.

2008 - 1/26/2008 - End of last major updates


The calender page added, that contains the computer generated Sun and Moon almanacs.(12/2007)

The picture page now has a page with pictures of the house and the property. The house pictures page also has the energy study that was done. (12/2007)

The work in progress temperature logging project has been added.(12/2007)

On the projects page, topics such as control system algorithms research, DOS boot sectors and how DOS handles booting form a floppy, Digital Audio and a large Subwoofer, the Recursive Logistic Equation, kx(1-x) which is the innocent looking equation. Who would ever expect chaotic behavior from it. Also interesting facts about factoring numbers, RF Electronics, Wind Chimes made from copper tubing and a 24 hour clock made from TTL logic chips.(11/2007)

A page dedicated to weather and climate has been added. This page includes the material from the Forecasting the Weather Class that I teach. The pictures section has been added to and organized. (11/2007)

Updated Links(11/2007)


A links and a separate books page has been added. (12/2005)

The metalworking page has been expanded with more pictures taken of metalworking projects and a section on rust removal using electrolysis has been added. (12/2005)

More pictures have been added to the pictures page.(12/2005)

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