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   Ten years ago, on November 25, 2009, our soon-to-be-adopted son, Cyril Christian Case, née Kirill Konstantinovich Petrov, died in our hotel room in Perm', Russia, midway through the 10-day waiting period required by Russian law.

    This would be the beginning of a nearly yearlong nightmare while we waited for Building Blocks Adoption Service of Medina, Ohio, to complete the adoption of our other son, Paul Anguel, whom we finally did bring home from Bulgaria on Oct. 5, 2000 ... months later than BBAS’s founder, Denise Lynn Hubbard, had originally promised us.

    In the process, we learned two things:

    1) We were not alone in being treated horribly by this agency, but

    2) There was almost nothing we or anyone else could do about this.

    The only thing we could do was tell not only our story but the stories of the many other clients who had suffered so much emotionally and financially. And, in time, the story of the agency itself, as revealed in public documents and newspaper archives.

    We eventually accumulated so much information that we had thought of publishing it as a book, but soon realized it would better serve the adoption community as a web site, since the many intertwined narratives better lent themselves to the use of hypertext. And, of course, it would also be free of charge.

    Since there is so much material, we suggest you approach it as a book. Our own story is very long, and lends itself to being bookmarked and put aside for later when you tire. Others’ stories, some of which are intertwined within ours and others which we have chosen to tell separately, are shorter, but depend much on familiarity with ours.

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