Посвящение      Посвещение

   This is dedicated to two people, both of whom are blissfully oblivious to this site but who it is very much about.

   First, of course, is our son Anguel, who has so many times as we have been working this lightened our hearts through his complete innocence of all this without which he would not have been living with us. It is a much-needed shot of perspective to be writing some of the most dire things we have written and yet have him tugging at your arm, laughing and smiling as he tries to get you to go help him find one of his toy cars.

   It should be equally obvious who comes next ... the brother Anguel does not have, the little blond-haired boy who should have been right by his side.

   Time goes on but what little we knew of Cyril does not fade from our memories even as he recedes into it. In fact it burns all the more brightly.

   We can only look around at Anguel and the other children around him and imagine what might have been. Cyril may have had a lot of problems which could have been lifelong issues.

   But he remains in our mind, still, every day, the image of him as we last saw him alive reminding us, practically pleading with us, to make his minimal existence have meant something.


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