Other Familiesí Stories


Denise Hubbard and BBAS have hurt over a dozen other families besides us. Here are some of them.



The Hutchisons

The first to complain to the state



The Corrigans                            The Whitwells      

Told during our story ...                                        An early friend turns skeptic


The Badys                                 The Blevinses

Denise takes someone in her hometown            Lies about special needs


The Towells                               The Ponishes.

Two children lost, and $40,000 to boot               Dissolved in Ohio


The Hyres                                  Guatemala

A girl paralyzed and                                                Two families utterly disgusted

 her parents sent to prison.

                                                            Janet Ostrander                            

                                                A single mother adopts domestically

                                                                                after Denise fails her in