In Greek mythology Muses are Goddesses of Memory. The word Muse is derived from the Greek word "Mousa" from the roots men- and mon-, which mean think, remember.

I am a Muse of Self. I help people remember all that they are, what they truly want, their bliss, and help facilitate the remembrance and emergence of their Self into their daily lives.

What is bliss? It is not giddy happiness. Bliss means full of joy, and joy is quite personal, quite relative, and all of us have a memory within us of what it is to us personally.

What I Do and How I Do It

The first step is always the decision to trust and accept Self. This is done by beginning to really know Self, not the self that one thinks they are or should be, but who one really IS, minus the acquired facade. As one begins to truly know Self, they begin to be able to trust, accept and correctly interpret the information they are all-ways offering themselves. This "information" is quite beneficial and provides clues as to how ones life is being created now. When one becomes aware of how they are creating their life now, they also allow themselves an awareness of more choices, different choices, choices more in alignment with their desires. A remembrance of hopes and dreams, passions and aspirations occurs and one becomes inspired and motivated, confident that they may manifest these into their daily life. Ones energy and creative expressions begin to flow more freely and they experience a sense of re-birth into their genuine Self. They begin to define and live their bliss now. The "future" they desire is drawn closer to be-ing now. How this occurs is quite personal.

All conflict is with Self. We may think others are preventing us from getting what we want, but we are not allowing ourselves all of our choices. We may think others are making us feel the way we do, but that is the reflection of our own un-acceptance of Self. Accepting who we are and the choices we have made, and beginning to understand what beliefs have been most influencing of those choices, allows us to view the many, many more available to us. We are no longer limited to creating within our automatic behaviours and responses and begin to view our freedom.

For those who choose to engage my services, my abilities are interconnected and are incorporated into all of my interactions. My abilities include, but are not limited to:

Services are offered in person, by email, online chat ICQ (5638545) & by phone (585-244-0743) - all by appointment. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Warmly, Dale



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