The following is a summary of information given by Elias in sessions #236 and #217 within MY personal understanding in this present. I have intentionally written it in first person singular for personal impact.

"I may sit before you all for the next twenty years and expound upon the subjects of how you create your reality and offer you exercises and offer you information, and you shall NOT be accomplishing objectively until YOU are noticing and YOU are offering yourself objectively your own information; for although you believe yourselves to pay close attention to these words, you pay closer attention to your own selves. You pay closer attention to your own experiences and the information that you offer yourself, for this within yourselves is MORE REAL than my offering to you." -Elias  #259

ACCEPTANCE - lack of judgment.


(Remembering Trust of Self)

1. Acknowledge that I am within physical focus, that I choose to belong here, that I am here and that I am a glorious being.

2. Acknowledge that within physical focus I hold belief systems. They are not good or bad. They do not need changing or eliminating. They may be accepted as they are my reality.

3. Observe myself within each moment, recognizing that I hold great duplicity and am not acknowledging of myself throughout my day.

4. Notice each time I discount myself. I need not be concerned with other individuals, or my other focuses, only myself in this physical focus.

5. Acknowledge my impressions and follow through on my impulses not concerning myself with others or their perception of me.

6. Notice the language that I use. This will show me examples of how I discount and compare myself to others.

7. Notice my responses, acknowledging that they reflect my beliefs and remembering I choose how to respond.

8. Look to myself and recognize that I am my essence, and that I offer helpfulness to myself at all times.

"You may walk about each day expressing what a glorious being you are and loving yourselves, for you are worthy of this. This will be your first step in your accomplishment of acceptance of self." - Elias #236



(Remembering Trust of "Others")

0. Engage the present. Take initiative.

1. An individual approaches me with inquiries with regard to their experiences and in relation to their belief systems.

2. Do not respond initially.

3. Access through listening, engaging my inner senses also, taking into account belief systems of both myself and others.

4. Respond intuitively.

5. Arrange language to be accommodating and accepting of another’s belief systems as mine are the same, we are just using different words.

6. Remind myself that the point is not to change the perception or belief system of another.

7. The point is to offer information in a helpful manner and not being responsible for another’s reality.

8. Their reality is their reality and Reality. They are not experiencing unusualness, non-reality or lunacy.

9. Engage the present. Take initiative.

"Within the very context of this information, you automatically focus your attention upon your belief systems and all of the aspects of the belief systems first, and attempt to be altering of your belief systems or manipulating them in EVERY direction that you may think of and NOT addressing to your own issues in duplicity and addressing to self and your self-acceptance and your self-trust, which in looking to THIS element FIRST, you automatically create byproducts of accepting many aspects of the belief systems that you hold, and you automatically move in the direction of elements of acceptance of other individuals." - Elias #325


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