Ease-y Meditation Methods
These natural meditation methods are of my own invention. I decided long ago that if meditation was truly as beneficial as rumored throughout the ages and religions, it should also be easy and effortless - natural. These methods are what naturally occurred to me as I became still. They are continually re-created. You can use them as guideposts to your personal method of meditation.

Find YOUR comfortable position. I like sitting in a chair or on my bed with my legs outstretched. I don't like my legs crossed as they tend to fall asleep or become uncomfortable after a time. Do not worry if it takes you some time to find YOUR position. During meditation you will want to "forget" your body and you will not be able to unless it is comfortable.

Inhale deeply and then exhale forcibly. Your exhale will feel like the release of an ache in your chest. Do this a few times noticing that each time you inhale your body is tense - "holding" air (energy) - and each time you exhale your body becomes more relaxed - "releasing" air (energy). Contrary to everything I've read about meditation, it is not the inhale of breath, but the exhale of breath, that supplies the stillness. After doing this a few times, pause a few moments AFTER you exhale. For a few seconds you will feel a "need" to inhale but this will very quickly be replaced by a stillness between breaths. This stillness will relax you even more as you will be releasing your "need" to breathe. "Needing" is not relaxation. Do this a few times until you feel relaxed.

You will now be breathing naturally: inhaling when you want and exhaling when you want. It will be somewhat circular and effortless. This relaxed breathing makes it much easier to "forget" your breathing and body while meditating.


Focus your eyes on your inner lids. Each time you begin thinking, return your thoughts to looking at your inner lids. The ability to concentrate your attention is paramount to meditation and will also benefit you in other areas of your life. (It really matters not what you are concentrating on, just that you are concentrating on only one thing.) At first you may see simply blackness. Then you will notice that this blackness holds depth. Within this depth you may then experience colors, or visions, sounds... You have opened yourself to allow your own experience.


Feel the inside of your head. Scan it by feeling with your consciousness. You may do this randomly or by a method. At some point you will feel a "resistance" at a certain spot. It will feel similar to two magnets attempting to be put together. Concentrate on this spot. The "resistance" will make it feel "difficult" to concentrate upon, but as you keep bringing your concentration back to this spot you will begin to move into and then thru it. You have opened yourself to allow your own experience.


Listen to your Self. Not your thoughts, but to your Self. As you keep bringing your concentration back to listening to your Self you will hear your own inner tone. It is something that is so familiar that you may not have even noticed it before. It is similar to your ears ringing, but it's more "inside" you than that. Once you hear your own inner tone, concentrate on it. As you keep bringing your concentration back to this sound you will begin to feel it and then to become it. You have opened yourself to allow your own experience.

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