A Trans-Focal Experience is similar to what is referred to as a past-life regression, with a few major differences. Within simultaneous time there is no past or future, only NOW, and therefore no evolutionary process as implied thru the term of regression.

There are many different methods used to access this experience, the most widely used being a guided meditation or viewing in a mirror. Within simultaneous time one can connect with all other focuses of essence - 'past', 'future', 'present' and other dimensional.

There can be much value in such an experience if one chooses to engage it. We 'remember' that we are much larger than one individual physical focus. We 'remember' that we have chosen many varied experiences, some we may judge as undesirable but now have the opportunity to accept. This also helps us to accept others. We 'remember' our many talents and abilities and why we are drawn to experiences, people, places and things that seem to not make sense. Thru this experience (and others) we can open to much information, thus widening our perceptions and offering ourselves a more efficient opportunity to be moving into an understanding of ourselves.


The Mirror Exercise

ELIAS: I have incorporated an exercise with these individuals, to be allowing them to widen their perception of reality. I have expressed instructions of viewing within a mirror. This is a quite common practice, and has been incorporated through much time within your focus.

You may, in indirect lighting, not very bright, view within your mirror. As you are gazing at yourself and allowing your consciousness to drift, you will view shifting, within shape, of the form before you. You may view another developmental focus. You may view another dimension. You will view another aspect of your essence. This allows you to connect with another portion, so to speak, of your essence, and also allows you personal validation of things beyond your present perception. Therefore, the more that you practice exercises in altering your perception within consciousness, the more you also validate your own self; this allowing you to, little by little, widen your perception.

Elias - Session 85


The empathic sense is our inner sense which allows us the ability to merge with another individual or thing, and to be experiencing their experience. Therefore, if we are merging with another individual, we shall hold an awareness of ourselves continued, but shall also experience their experience fully; feel all of their feelings, all of their sense data, which they connect to through their outer senses, all of their physical and emotional feelings, and their energy centers and a communication of them.


Telepathy is our inner sense which allows us the ability to focus our attention upon the area of consciousness, with another individual, which creates thought; the energy of thought, which is reality. Exercising our telepathic sense is exercising our ability to be connecting and accessing another individual’s creation of their thought process, therefore allowing us a greater understanding of their perception as influenced through thought.


Intuition is the ability to recognize and interpret what is being communicated although not objectively expressed.


Precognition is the ability to recognize and interpret the most probable probability that will be chosen, although it is not an absolute as all choices are chosen in the now.


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