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01-2018-added to Civilian Chart #2-Awana Ribbons
=I re-did the Government Ribon page and added all new 2017 mil-spec Ribbons, see chart
01/28/2017-added Newest Mil-Spec Ribbons
06/06/2016-added Newest Mil-Spec Ribbons
02/22/2014-added Philippines
01/14/2014-Update National Gueard charts, MI, IL, IN, MD, CA, CA-SMR
07/14/2013-added Poland-4 charts
06/22/2013-added new Countries To THE AMERICA's Page
06/20/2013-added new Countries to the Foreign Section-India and some States
05/30/2013-added new Countries to the Foreign Section- up to the letter "I"
05/30/2013-added new Mil-Spec Ribbons Chart 13-654=Military Sealift Command Civilian Humanitarian Service, 655=Military Sealift Command Civilian
                     Service Commendation, 656=Military Sealift Command Civilian Service Achievement, Chart 9-657=Richard C. Holbrooke Award for Diplomacy
                     and U.K. Arctic Star
04/10/2013-added new UN Ribbon-UNISFA Interim Security Force for Abyei
03/28/2013-added new Mil-Spec Ribbons 643=Ribbon, Humanitarian Service Medal, Defense Logistics Agency, 644=Ribbon,National
                     Response Deployment Medal, NOAA Corps, 645=Ribbon, Exceptional Civilian Service, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)
                     646=Ribbon, Meritorious Civilian Service, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), 647=Ribbon, Early Career Achievement, NASA
                     648=Ribbon, Silver Achievement, NASA, 649=Ribbon, Exceptional Public Achievement, NASA,
                     650=Ribbon, Outstanding Public Leadership, NASA, 652=Ribbon, Director's Strategic Goal Award, DLA
10/16/2012-added new NG Ribbons, NJ. N.G. POW - MIA Medal, Honor Guard Ribbon and corrected errors on page, added PA. N.G.
                     Keystone Freedom Medal, Octavius V. Catto Medal, First Sergeant Ribbon AND re-did CA. N.G. & SMR charts
09/20/2012-added NV. NG War on Terrorism Medal
09/08/2012-added 6 new GOV. Ribbons, see: New Ribbon additions
05/31/2012-added new chart layout to make room for new Foreign Charts.
12/06/2011-added page on Plastic Ribbons  see
09/22/2011-added Sacramento Sheriff's Department Ribbons, see
09/14/2011-added 2 new GOV. Ribbons
03/08/2011-added Marine Corops League to Civilian
03/10/2010-added Sacrifice Medal to Canada1, re-did Civilian pages,  re-did Government pages and added new awards
03/01/09-re-did Australia and New Zealand, some new ribbons added
02/09/09-added 12 new Ribbons
      also re-did the Russian Federation charts
09/02/08-added Boy Scouts of America
05/04/08-added My collection of Ribbon Rosettes, mainly button hole type, some clutch back to Rosettes
04/24/08-added new New Zealand Campaign Ribbon-General Service Medal (timor-Leste) 2007, see NZ Chart
     re-did CA. N.G. & CA. SMR Charts to reflect new changes
12/14/07-Re-did most Russian Federation pages and added 38 new ribbons
08/01/07-added new Ribbons to International Organizations  and added LAPD Medal Ribbons
07/24/07-added new MN. N.G. Achievement Ribbon, MD. N.G. Adjuant General Distinguished Unit, TX. N.G. Cavalry  Service Medal & Combat Service,
      OH. N.G. Commemorative Medal
07/17/07-added new US Milspec NATO ribbons + Republic of Korea War Service  to US Mil chart 5 and 1 New Zealand-Dist. Service Decoration
03/27/07-added 2 New Coast Guard Auxiliary Ribbons  1-Public Affairs, 2-Marine Saftey Training
03/06/07-added New Zealand- Special Service Medal (Erebus)  and re-did UK Long and Meritorious Service, Charts
12/18/06-added to Govchart10 3 P.H.S. Ribbons=#606Global Response, #605Recruitment and #604Response Ribbon and to USmil#1= #607 Coast Guard
                 Presidential Unit Citation and new CAP National Commanders Unit Citation Award to CAP
08/28/06-added fix to Govchart 3  Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Leadership Award, I had left out a center White width.
                 Fixed error with Govchart 6-NOAA Corps Meritorious Medal-New-COLORS AND WIDTH. (THANKS JOHN)
                 added fix to Govchart 12  Def. Contract Mgt. Agency Ribbons should have 3 skip stripes
02/15/06-added to Govchart2 some DoJ Medals and 9/11 Heroes Medal of Valor Ribbon, also new Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Ribbon to Gov8
02/15/06-added to Gov2   Air Force Commanders Public Service Ribbon and new NG Ribbons=NY Outstanding Airman of the Year/Soldier of the Year,
                 First Sergeant Ribbon-Air/Army, IN G.R. JROTC Commendation Ribbon/JROTC Support Ribbon, Community Service Ribbon, Commendation
                 Ribbon and re-did the SC S.G. chart, added new ribbons and brought it up to date.
12/29/05-added 1new NZ ribbon, Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami) and updated ROTC charts.
09/24/05-added updates to AZ. N.G., added NJ Merit Award, Tp.1, added Attachment list for TX. N.G., Added to International Organisations
                 Ribbons the Economic Community West Africa, Liberia and some new ribbons to New Zealand, 2 new MA. N.G. Ribbons +
                 SGUAS MEMS Unit Citation and AL. NG Korean Service ???, said to be from there by the person I got it from.
12/31/04-added Legion of Frontiersmen, Updated the States Chart as well as the National Guard Charts, re-did Army Senior/Junior ROTC
09/15/04-added new Va. Defense Force Chart
01/23/04-added new Foreign charts and did some clean up of the web pages to cut down on the size of my site, on charts that have changed.
                 I added "updated 2004"
06/06/03-added new CAP Cadet Ribbon-Mary Feik to CAP
04/30/03-added D.o.T. Guardian Medal, Transportation 9-11 Medal (see Milt.1 and Gov.7), Transportation 9-11 Ribbon (see Milt.3 and Gov.7)
04/15/03-added D.o.D. Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Ribbon, D.o.D. Global War on Terrorism Service Ribbon, A.F. Air and Space
                 Campaign Medal, D.o.D. Korea Defense Service Medal to  Milt.3 and A.F. Meritorious Unit Award, A.F. Gallant Unit Award to
      Milt.2 and M.M. Outstanding Achievement, N.A.S.A. Exceptional Administrative Achievement Medal and Exceptional Technology
                 Achievement Medal to Gov9
03/23/03-added C.G. Enlisted Person of the Year Award to  Milt.4
02/20/03-added Malaysia   Charts (17) and added back Database of colors.
08/24/02-added Sweetheart/Patriotic Ribbons Chart and Red Cross Chart
05/24/02-added U.S. Gov. chart 11 with line drawings of Medals and 2 ( New ) VT. N.G. Ribbons.
05/02/02-added U.S. Gov. Navy Civilian Medal for Valor,  D.o.S. Star Medal Ribbon,  D.o.J. Public Safety Officers Medal of Valor Ribbon,
                     P.H.S. Surgeon General's Exemplary Svc. Ribbon,    S.o.A. Award for Valor,
36-added Commemorative Ribbons, 2 US and 2 Foreign and also data sheet  link
35-added Marine Corps ROTC , New York State Guard , Australia, O.S.D. Medal for Valor,  Air Force Civilian Achievement Medal,
      B.P. Chief's Commendation Medal
34-re-did all Canada charts to bring them  up to date.
33-re-did all National Guard charts to bring them as up to date as I have information for.
      added Emergency Disaster Assistance Corps, United States Service Command  and various
     State Awards  that were listed on N.G. charts.added new Government Page #12 with Defense Acquisition University and Defense Contract
      Mangetment Agency (05/24-re-did names to reflect updated mil-spec charts)
32-added (1) P.H.S. COMMISSIONED CORPS TRAINING RIBBON at  Gov.10   and re-did Civilian Charts with (1) new O.M.S.A. Commendation Medal ribbon to CIVIL1
31-added Government Ribbons: Gov.11Border Patrol (9 new)
30-2000-added United Kingdom, add East Timor to  U.N. ,add N.A.T.O. Medal for Kosovo to  Milt.3
29-add U.S. SEARCH AND RESCUE TASK FORCE , all Vanguard ribbons.
28-added Viet-Nam and added New Kosovo Ribbon to U.N.
Re-did Coast Guard Auxillary Chart-updated to 08/97 specs and added IN. Guard Reserve to IN.N.G.
27-added SGAUSand made changes to MD. N.G., added MDNDSGA ( 3 ribbons)
26-added Government Ribbons:Gov. 2 New Navy Merit. & Superior P.S., Gov.11Border Patrol &
Chem. Saftey & Haz. Inves. Board, Gov.1- 3 new D.o.D. Inspector General Civ. Awd., and OSD Exc. PSA,
U.S. Milt. 3-Navy Recruit Tng., A.F. Milt. Tng. Instructor and added Milt. Chart 4
added 9 new AFJROTC Ribbons and 10 MILITARY ORDER of FOREIGN WARS ribbons to Civilian .
Added new ribbons to Unknown, CAN YOU ID them?
25-added new CAP R. (Neil Armstrong), add to NG=MD- Outs. Soldier / Airman,TN.-SDF Unit Citation,GA-SDF Qual. Tng., IL-State Police M.o.H.& Ach., NY-Cons. Svc. Star-Medal for Merit and added to GRACO CHART #11 new #,s,1027, 1030, 1067, 1068, 1078 and CHART #12 1109,1111,1112,1114, 1117, 1119, 1122, 1123, 1124, 1125, 1126, 1127, 1128, 1129, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133.
24-added Pa. State Military Reserve to N.G. chart
23-added a Foreign page with the addition of New Zealand.
22-1999-added 4 pages of U.S. Military and Mike Shepherd's New York State Regimental Ribbons-3 pages
21-added Navy Sea Cadet Corp/Navy League Cadet Corp chart.
20-added to Government pages:1=Sec. of the Army Exceptional Public Service Award , 2=D.I.A. Leadership Award , 3=D.o.D. Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal , 4=D.o.D. Eugene G. Fubini Award , 5=D.o.D. Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award , 6=D.o.D. Military Outstanding Service Medal , 7=Def.Special Weapons Agency Director's Lifetime Achievement Award , 8=D.o.D. Civ. Mgt. Svc. Meritorious Civilian Career Service Award , 9=D.o.D. Civ. Mgt. Svc. Outstanding Civilian Career Service Award , 10=D.o.D. Civ. Mgt. Svc. Exceptional Civilian Career Service Award , 11=N.O.A.A. Rifle , 12=N.C.S. Exceptional Civilian Service Medal , 13=Sel.Svc. Merit.Service Type 2
19-fixed errors on UN charts and updated Unknown chart with an I.D. of one.
18-added Canada with pages 1 thru 6 1/2 with Chart1 showing all their ribbons.
17-added 4 new Civil Air Patrol ribbons: Command Service R., Cadet Orientation Pilot, National Color Guard Competition and A. Scott Crossfield Award. Made changes to Unknown Ribbons Chart.
16-added Air Force Junior ROTC from April 98 Chart.
14-added National Guard ribbon # chart 4,5,6,7 & 11 & GRACO #11 & 12 and AZ. N.G. addition(ANG Adjuant General's M. & Commmunity Svc.)and changes to its layout.
13-addedCivilian Ribbons (mainly Military related), updated Gov. 3 & 4 and TN. N.G., LA. N.G., HI. N.G.(ribbon color adjustments)
12-added California Cadet Corps
11-added 2 N.G. (VI,Guam,DC add ons) + chart changes #1 to John Royston's N.G. Charts.
10-added 5 N.G. (WA,WV,WI,WY,PR)
09-added 5 N.G. States (TN,TX,UT,VA,VT)
08-added 5 N.G. States (OR,PA,RI,SC,SD) + some updates to previous ones.
07-added 5 N.G. States (NC,ND,NY,OH,OK)
06-added NG ribbon # charts 1,2 & 3, and added 5 N.G. States (NE,NV,NH,NJ,NM)
05-added 10 N.G. States (MI,MN,MS,MO,MT)-(KY,LA,MA,ME,MD)
04-added 5 N.G. States(IA,ID,IL,IN,KS)
03-added 5 N.G. States (DE,FL,GA,HI) and slight change to Ca.(Comm. Var 1)
02-added 5 N.G. States (AL,AK,AR,AZ,CO,CT) and additions to CA.
01-1998Added 3 new ribbons to Civil Air Patrol. 1=Eaker Award-Cadet, 2=Counter Narcotics Ribbon-Senior,            3=Community Service Ribbon-Senior