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Los Angles Police Department

Other State Ribbons

Sacramento Sheriff's Department Ribbons

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Los Angles County Sheriff's Medal Ribbons
Ribbon bars are all enamel because the cloth wears out.
The cloth military ribbon bars can be worn
in addition, for dress occasions, i.e., funerals and graduations.
The Medal ribbons are for display only, and not worn.

The LASD Enamel ribbons are not available to the public.

Enamel ribbon bars can be seen at:

This shows the Medal Ribbons and bars, page starting 71.

Other State Ribbons

Sacramento Sheriff's Department Ribbons
  1-American Flag Ribbon-to Demonstrate allegiance to our country after the Sept. 11th attack on America
  2-Medal of Valor-For outstanding performance and bravery above and beyond the call of duty
  3-Silver Star Medal-For outstanding performance and conspicuous bravery in the line of duty
  4-Bronze Star for Bravery Medal-For outstanding performance and bravery in the line of duty
  5-Purple Heart Medal-For serious bodily injuries received in the line of duty
  6-Life Saving Ribbon/Medal-For extraordinary efforts to protect/preserve human life not otherwise recongnized
  7-Distinguished Service Medal-For a particular outstanding service to the community or the department
  8-Letter of Commendation-For extraordinary program or operation performed by an individual that exemplifies quality or service
  9-Unit Citation Ribbon-For extraordinary program or operation collectively performed by a group that exemplifies quality or service
10-Campaign/Service Ribbon-For meritorious response to major incidents/disasters collectively performed by persons from multiple service areas
11-Reserve Ribbon-For volunteering 1000 hours of service in a single year. Issued by Reserve Forces.