US Army Nike AA Missile Base
  Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol, RI Nike Site Years Later
by Glenn Meigel, LTC, USA, Ret.

Parenthetical story:  In 1973 the site acquired 2 sheep through Pete and Kathy Benavides, owners of our site hangout Casual Inn bar.  They were put in the IFC area to take care of all that damn grass, particularly growing in the fence line.  But they had their own agenda, ate where and when they wanted, and it took most of the IFC Platoon to chase them down to be sheared.  Before I could pick them up on the TO&E, one was killed by a dog and the other was “dishonorably discharged”  to a local farmer.  Please don’t laugh at this “bright idea.”  I heard 32d AADCOM was using "Guard Geese" as an alerting guard force for its PATRIOT batteries in Germany, and that didn't last long either.

I was looking east from the left of the Orderly Room Building and that large grassy incline was the road going up “on the hill.”  That road would have taken you directly up to the BC and RC Vans with interconnecting corridor, with the HIPAR, Engineer, PLL Buildings, TTR, and TRR on the left, and the LOPAR and MTR on your military right.  Clockwise, on ground level left was the helicopter pad/volleyball court, across right was the IFC Barracks, on the far right off this photo was the Mess Hall (before the new PC Army renamed them “Dining Facilities”), with Orderly Room Building on my immediate right.

This is not the clearest photo but, in the future, someone will surely come upon these 4 equally-sized, equally-spaced pine trees standing at “dress-right-dress” in a row and marvel at the miracle “Mother Nature” had created.  The real story is that those trees were planted purposely that way by the IFC Platoon in 1973 right in front of the IFC Barracks near the flagpole as a site beautification project, and they’ve simply grown wild and naturally ever since!


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