US Army Nike AA Missile Base
  Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol, RI Nike Site Years Later
by Glenn Meigel, LTC, USA, Ret.

IFC Area.
I assume the government had to return this leased property back to the Haffenreffer Museum family in the same condition it had accepted it, and maybe modern environmental considerations factored in too, but there’s nothing up there now except the fence line and gate— and I mean nothing!  Inside I found no asphalt…no concrete…no cables….no pipes…no tile…no wood…no metal…“no nothin’” as evidence that a Nike site ever existed there.  I understand that the owning family, town of Bristol, and commercial developers (of a possible resort) never could mutually agree on acceptable use or price of the land.

An added gate down from the IFC gate with concrete barrier to keep people from exploring, except guys on a mission like me.  This barrier forces the road and traffic to the left (east) to a large, new Haffenreffer Museum down by Mount Hope Bay.

This path at is actually the original 2-lane vehicle road up to the IFC gate, now so overgrown it could barely accommodate me walking alone!

This is what’s left of the IFC entry gate.  I suspect some nasty, sneaky ORE Team cut that hole in the fence for surprise access.  IFC Guard Shack would have been just inside that gate on the immediate left.  I do believe the vegetation in the fence line has now grown up over the 12 inch regulation limit but swing blades ain’t going to be able to fix the problem at this point in time.


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