Photo: Alan Graham 1958


To fully appreciate this modern latrine, you had to use its predecessor, a 16 X 16 foot wooden hut straddling a deep trench, an unheated eight hole (four holes back-to-back) outhouse, reeking of lime. This new building had actual plumbing, toilets, showers, running water and heat! A water well had been drilled above and southwest of the camp which yielded a steady flow of non-potable alkaline water. However, it was good enough to flush toilets and charge the fire hydrant system of the camp. Water for drinking, cooking and the showers was trucked in daily from Carrizozo and stored in large railroad tank cars above the camp. This big Quonset Hut was one of the best improvements ever made to the camp. There were many Quonsets added in the camp's latter days, primarily for administrative buildings and BOQs. There were also some Quonsets downrange in the missile assembly and checkout area. Quonsets were mounted atop concrete foundations and if you visit the camp today, the foundations are about all that remain.