Photo: Alan Graham 1958


What a fabulous photo this is! Thank you, Alan. Red Canyon acquired its mascot late in 1957. A wild burro, Nike was caught north of the down range area at a very young age and bottle fed until old enough for a regular burro diet. He was an instant delight to all in the camp and pretty much had free run of the place. He would walk into the PX, mess hall, chapel, barracks, anywhere he desired. Trouble was, the troops started giving him beer and Nike became an alcoholic. If he saw you with a beer, he would chase you until you gave him a swig, and turned nasty if you refused.

"In spite of his problem, Nike had a warm side and really enjoyed contact with the guys. He'd tolerate a fair amount of being teased and picked on before letting you know, emphatically, that he'd had enough." Alan Graham