Photo: Herman Hartley 1957


Some occasions called for a mass party in the mess hall. Perhaps one of the camp's officers got promoted or we passed an important milestone or inspection. The main feature was free beer for everyone in the camp. Herman Hartley, the corporal with the great smile facing the camera, was in charge of the Military Police who provided security for Red Canyon. He sent me this photo for scanning around 1997. It survived several computer crashes, two new computers and I just rediscovered it last week. I had never examined it closely until now and to my surprise, the guy in the white T-shirt with his arms folded, to the left of and behind Herman, looks very much like me. I know of no other photo of me at the camp. The cook next to Herman is Smitty, who also had a part time job as cook for a tavern in Carrizozo. Red Canyon cooks were the greatest. Working in a hot, tiny kitchen with very limited equipment and stores, they turned out excellent chow day after day.