Photo: Alan Graham 1958


"It had four metal walls, a roof, some yellowed plastic windows, a kerosene space heater, a plywood floor which rested directly on the ground, a door at one end - plain and simple - it was the Butler Building, our home." Alan Graham

This is the Commo Barracks, which shared the building with the Mail Room at the other end. There was a slot cut in the dividing wall so the mail man could simply slip their mail directly into the room. Bunk beds with thin mattresses, an inadequate heater, hot in the summer, cold in the winter. However, they sure were an improvement over the old squad tents we lived in before. This picture was probably taken on the weekend when things did not have to be quite so neat.

Commo is short for Communications people.....telephones, radios, etc. The Commo guys kept the camp in touch with the distant real world.