Photo: Alan Graham 1958


Commo troops (L-R) MacDonald, Billy Horner and Raven Hensley escape the confine of the barracks by sitting on the front stoop, such as it is. Billy is rolling a smoke from a sack of Bull Durham. The yellowed, sand blasted plastic windows inside were sealed shut so there was little fresh air circulating through the room. It was not uncommon to drag one's bunk outside to sleep during the summer. It was a bit cooler.

When the Butler Buildings were being assembled, a bulldozer would first scrape a patch of the desert floor to level it, then a plywood floor was laid down and the building assembled over it. Over time the plywood would become oil soaked from the leaky kerosene heater. The Butler Building barracks measured 20 X 48 feet. I think they were recycled from Korea after that "Conflict" ended. Looking at the paint you can see they are not new.