Photo: Alan Graham 1958


"It blew sideways, like a million knives against the barracks - all night - and it sneaked in through the cracks and made a mound just inside the door - frozen solid. The streets were crusted over - crunchy and crisp so when you walked on it there was a dry screeching sound like glass being ground onto sandpaper. And it smelled wonderful!" Alan Graham

These were the mornings when going to work was delayed while road graders scraped some of the ice off the road downrange and to the front gate. The mess hall was especially delightful when it was like this outside, the steamy aroma of hot coffee, toast, bacon and SOS almost made one glad to be here. The steel drums on wooden frames contain kerosene for the woefully inadequate heaters in the barracks. See the snow on the roofs? That is not there because the roofs were well insulated, it was freezing inside.