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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blue Jay

When I first put up the Wingscapes camera, I had seen the blue jay in a few blurry shots. The other day I saw it feeding on the ground. I couldn't believe how big it got! The Wingscapes camera caught it at the feeder, see what you think.

The hummingbird vines are really growing, but it will be quite sometime until they will be attracting any hungry birds. I wasn't going to say it but, no, I didn't see any hummers. :(

I did not see any downys for quite some time. Then suddenly, the suet was shrinking faster than ever. Hmm... Yup, the starlings were feeding on it. So I put up an upside down feeder. Some people say, starlings can learn to feed on those feeders. For now it seems to have stopped them. Since the downys don't need the suet, I might just pull the feeder until Fall. I'll keep it up for now.

That sneaky swallow was circling around me again while I was mowing. It just won't get close enough to get a good look. It was only one, I used to see two. Hope that means one is taking care of the little ones! Same goes for the cardinal. I see the male show up in the Wingscapes shots frequently throughout the day. No sign of the female.

There are usually some doves hanging around here. Some are more skittish than others, but they often let me get closer than most birds. This is not a good thing! Today I saw a pile of feathers. I'm pretty sure it was what was left of a dove, after the neighbors cat caught it. It wasn't near any of the feeders, but that doesn't mean it was killed there.

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