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Monday, May 26, 2008


We finally have a few days of nice weather! Of course that means that I have more work than I can possible do! Instead of doing any of it, I installed my new Boltek lightning detector... but that's another blog. :)

I took down the oriole feeder. I had one more hummingbird feeder, so I figured, why not?, and placed it where the oriole feeder had been. Hilton Pond had a note about hummers this week. They say that, even though I haven't seen any hummers, I should continue to keep the feeders clean and full. Hummers are more plentiful at the end of the summer. I planted two types of vines that attract hummingbirds, ten plants are up. The hummers will have plenty to keep them happy, if they ever show up!

I saw the swallows again when I was mowing the yard. They really zip around, and I can't get a good look at them. I'm sure a birder could glance at them and tell me exactly what they are. Unfortunately, I cannot. Without a picture, my best guess is that they are Tree Swallows. Since they eat flying insects, they are more than welcome!

There is a brief program on PBR (Public Radio,) called Birdnote. They are also on the web in MP3 format. The one I listened to was called, What Birds Can Hear In Songs. Worth a listen.

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