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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tube Feeder

I didn't see many birds at the tube feeder since I moved it. I always enjoyed taking pictures at that feeder, so it was really disappointing. The last few days I saw the return of all the favorites, plus the goldfinch pair. This is the first I've seen the goldfinch at that feeder. Oddly, I am seeing them at that feeder more than at the nyjer feeder! I don't know if birds are simply slow to adapt to a change, like moving the feeder, or if the anti-cat fence is working? Either way, I'm glad to see them back!

The other feeder has remained busy. When I looked out a little while ago, I saw a pair of sparrows at the feeder, a pair of blue jays, some mourning doves and a starling feeding on the ground under it . I really ought to come up with a name for that feeder... the box feeder?? The green box??

Nothing new to report on hummers or orioles, no sign of either. After reading other reports, I think that I am going to pull the oriole feeder, there is no chance of seeing one here. It takes a week to ten days for the cypress vine to sprout, so that is not up yet.

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