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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Upside Down Downy

I checked the suet feeder Thursday night, and it didn't seem as though anything had touched it. I'm glad the starlings left it alone, but I was hoping either nuthatches or downys would be feeding on it. Friday morning I heard chatter outside my window. When I looked out, I saw this. Saturday morning I saw it again, and today when I walked past I saw a downy fly off. So, looks like the downys are back!

A friend told me this story: Last week he was sitting outside when he heard a bumblebee. He turned to look at it, and saw a hummer trying to get nectar out of the glass globe to his torch. I have three feeders and get nothing, he has a globe that attracts them. Oh well. He said that, last year he saw a Baltimore Oriole in his neighbors yard. I gave him my oriole feeder and two bottles of concentrated nectar. See if he can steal the neighbors birds. :)

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