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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Skip mentioned a problem with commenting on blogspot, you have to sign in. I am sorry about that, but that is their policy. In any event, I have decided to post future posts there. So, go to blogspot to get the latest bird pics and videos.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ah Ha!

Last time I said that I did not see any pine siskin, but I was wrong. Now that I know what to look for, they are popping up all the time. Look for the yellow near the tail. Here are some, one, two and three. So, I wondered if there were any redpolls masquerading as male house finch. This one had me going for awhile, but it is a HOFI. So far, I haven't seen any redpolls.

Skip caught this with the web cam. The Birdcam caught one, too. Speaking of the Birdcam, the Wingscapes people extended my warranty by another year, since they sent me a new camera. Very good customer service!

I finally got a good pic of a dark eyed junco. It only took about a year and a half! The carolina wren makes another rare appearance. Since I moved the web cam, I don't see many pics of this guy anymore.

At first I wasn't sure what this was, but I believe it is a mockingbird. I caught one on top of the feeder, too. Here are a couple of titmice, one and two. And you always see chickadees with titmice, one, two and three.

Finally, we are expecting a snow storm tonight. Here is one to help get in the mood.

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