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If you learned to juggle from these instructions your name, and any (or all) of the following; where you are from, your age, a brief comment about juggling, your email address and your picture if you have one and I'll post them here.



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Hi! I'm a 36 year old mom (American) married to a French man living in Tokyo with 2 boys. I belong to a theatre group called Tokyo Theatre for Children and I just got cast in the lead of "The Emperor's new Clothes". I play a character named Peter (yes, I'm playing a boy...)who plays the con man/tailor who weaves the invisible clothes. For this role, the director wanted to me to learn how to juggle. He tried to teach me Monday after rehearsal, but of course it was not pretty. We were trying with hard plastic toys which didn't make things any easier. So Monday night I got on the Net and found your site. You recommended soft juggling balls. Lo and behold, at the AM/PM they are selling Diet Coke with a Hacky Sac/juggling ball with every can. So today, (Tuesday Japan time) I picked up 3 cans of Diet Coke, got on your site and followed the directions. Not 30 minutes later I was juggling! NOT well, and not very smoothly, but doing a couple of 3 ball exchanges in a row! Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have rehearsal again and won't the director be surprised to see me juggling after 2 days! thaks for putting up your site. The directions are really well laid out and the animation REALLY helps. I should be a pro in a couple of days! The play runs March-April so I have plenty of time to learn how to do 4 balls....I'll let you know how it goes!


Thank you so much for teaching me how to juggle. I' ve wanted to know how for years and finally i can just about do it!! When sorting out my room i found 2 juggling balls and another similar size and weight ball. I started to work out how to juggle by myself but i really needed some help. Then i had a great idea; the internet! So when i typed in 'how to juggle' in to google, up came your website and after 20mins i've pretty much cracked it. (although i can never quite get passed the 4th rotation, but im sure i'll soon get it!!) I'm now going to go and do some practice and soon i shall be able to show off to friends and family. Thanks for your help

keith Jackson

Hey man this really helped. I didnt practice much besides the first two days where I got the concept and knew what I was aiming for. I could get the rotation in but only once. I would say a good few weeks went by and know I can actually juggle. Major improvement should when I switched from tennis balls to actual juggling balls. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks.


Your instructions are really good and the motion pictures help a lot to.

aneeta kaitinis

hey there, my new years resolution was to juggle 3 balls! and haha so far im getting it a teeny bit! ur page is a really gr8 one, it helped alot. Ur little gif images are also a great idea because we can see exactly wot we r meant to be doing! *shake hand* thats alot! and happy new years :)


I now call myself the Serial Juggler on msn, i learned to juggle in 1 day.. it was either the site.. or the amount of dedication i showed in the day.. but i learned.. and by your instruction, so thank you, you get the credit!!

Eric the Red

I learned to juggle 4 balls today... i had been juggling 3 balls for about 4 years on and off; picked up 4 in about 15 minutes! thanks a lot!

Age 14

Hey man, your instructons were so helpful. My mom got me a juggling book for Christmas, but I needed some extra help. I'm learning to juggle for a medieval unit in one of my classes. I'm dressing up as a jester and juggling adds a nice touch. So far, I can only do two times all the way through, but I'm getting there. Thanks!

Conan Wall

I learned how to juggle in like 40 minutes with your page. I was trying to figure it out on my own Ėthat would have taken forever.... Thanks a bunch, I am still rough at it, Iíve only done like 5 completions in a row, but itís a start. Youíve got a great web page. I surprised my family this morning with my new acquired trick!! Merry Christmas


i learnt to juggle thanks to your site :o)


Very nice website! I learned to juggle from your site! I always wanted to learn and then one day I said to myself "The internet has everything these days. Surely they'll have a lesson on how to juggle?" I looked in a search engine and sure enough I found your site!

William Nutt

Thank you!


I learned to juggle in 2 days by watching your demostration on the internet. Thanks!

Middle Tennessee

I have always wanted to learn how to juggle, so one night when I was bored, I did a google search for how to juggle. I learned how to juggle baseballs that night, and the next day I did 122 rotations with 3 basketballs. The hard part with them is that they give your arms a workout with their weight. So thanks

abi bacca

It took me ages to learn but it was worth the patience. At last I can finally do something that alot of people can't. I just want to thank you so much for helping me learn to juggle. I will be advising your web address to all my friends. Thanks again

Garland Grant


Pieter Bos and Philipp Hagedorn

I am working in an computer company in Switzerland. In our office a challenge started with juggling. The challenge was to be able to juggle in such a way as almost no regular person could. We found out that quite a few people could do some juggling with two balls. We could also find a few who could juggle with 3 balls. No one in the office could juggle with 4 though. It was then defined that the challenge should be to juggle with 4 balls for at least 30 sec. It is now 3 months later. The 30 sec. was broken today. Though not by me, I came very close and also consider my self capable of juggling with 4 balls. I found your web site of great help in this challenge and thought I would let you know. The 30 sec. was broken by my colleague Philipp Hagedorn. It was great fun. Thanks a lot

John Vent
age 34

Please add my name to your jugglers page. I've probably had half a dozen people explain to me how to juggle over the years, but it was your animation that finally made it click. It took me about 4 days, a couple hours a night, but I spent 2 days on step 4. I just couldn't seem to get past that 3rd pass, but I as you suggested, I just took and step back and worked on the fundamentals. The best moment was when I showed my 5 yr old daughter what I'd learned and she said, "Daddy, Daddy! You're like a clown!"


I want to thank you for teaching me the steps to juggle with three balls.I really preaciate it.


Hello, you've shown a few variations on juggling the 4 ball challenge. Is throwing the 4 balls in each column considered another pattern? Or is a variation and a patterm different terminology in the juggling art form? I've recently learned the 3 ball figure eight through your online personal website two days ago, but I'm working on not drifting. I've been watching "La Cirque" is there any juggler you know of that can perform a 8 ball pattern? Do you think there's a Book out there that knows how long ago and who invented this art? Your fan, you've made life more of a challenge and game.

Julia Beaumont
Shropshire, UK

Hey, thanks loads for the great instructions! As a college assignment i had to learn how to juggle, i found your site and learnt it really quickly. It was something i'd always wanted to do, and realised just how simple it was once you'd got the got the idea of it. Thanks. :)

Joe Scott

me and my friend learned how to juggle in 10 min. thanks for your help who ever you are



John Ourceyre


Dan Dunning

Hey dude!! I just learned how to juggle!! This is so awesooooooooooooooome. i cant belive it!!!!

jonathan jones
10 years old

I learned to juggle in 2 hours.

Age 12

Hey, I learned how to juggle 3 balls in about 20 min. with your instructions! Thanx a lot!


i learnt in about 10 minutes how to juggle with 4 balls from ur instructions. its much easier than i thought. thank u!

50 years old

Greetings i found your instructions on the web regarding juggling. And saw your request that we write to you if we.... well... juggled :) THANKS! Im 50 years old and probably over 20 of those years i always wanted to juggle. Recently it has been a constant "want". i went and bought 3 hackey sacks and started. I did about 5- 3 ball exchanges today!!! Thanks for your instructions. Hell it ain't much but it is one more skill in the bag. Thanks very much. Peace, Patience, and Perserverance

Rachel Merser

Hi i learned the juggling after 5 practices the pictures are great and i understood the instructions easy.i applaud to you!!!:)


am so glad that i came on the internet and looked at your website. now i can juggle three balls. And the thing is that i just started on the 16 of nov. 2003. which is today. But i need more time to juggle four balls. lol

Evan B-B

yes i can juggle thanks to ur instructions

Bob Skura
Ontario Canada

When I read on your web site that some people had learned 4 ball juggling in a few hours it discouraged me but I thought even if it takes me longer I'm going to persevere. I'm not very good yet but I did get up to ten exchanges which I set as my target before I would write to you. Your instructions are very good and it is true that a person must learn each step along the way. Happy juggling to all.

amos butler


David Rowlands

Great website took me 3 weeks to learn to juggle thanks a million

Tracey, Jeff & Frank
Findlay, OH

We were all given hacky sacks while traveling for work. After several attempts to hacky we decided to move on to juggling. We were so clueless--but your site was great! It only took one afternoon--the animations really helped. Now Jeff is considering quitting his day job to join the circus.. okay, not really. But he's looking forward to juggling on the golf course next summer! Thanks!!


Thanks, for helping me to learn to juggle Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris E


Ronald Cabahug

Thanks for teaching me how to juggle. I bought a bean bag juggling set a few days ago from my school circus and learned about the cascade (juggling technique), but never really learned how to juggle. Thanks for making this site because it taught me exactly how to juggle.


Hi, I learnt four balls from your instructions. I was able to do 3 cascade years before, but wanted to move onto 4. I did the circular pattern in the opposite direction than the diagram, though. It took me about a week to get 4 sync, at about 2 hours a day. Then a few weeks to get 4 async pattern going for a few catches (10 or so). That was about a month ago. Today I maxed at 128 catches, so I'm pretty proud. I've been working on other patterns like 5 cascade and Mill's Mess with a bit of improvement. I'm really trying to get accurate throws and not trying to save wild ones. Thanks for the clear instructions! Perhaps you would consider writing more guides explaining other tricks?

Thomas Eberhard
South Australia

My friend gave me some tips on how to juggle but it didn't seem to help me. Then I found your website which gave me a lot of help and a good step by step procedure of how to juggle. It took me about 6 hours to be able to juggle for more than 30 seconds with out dropping the balls. Thanks very much Steve.

Steve you've done it again. Once I had mastered the 3 ball juggle, My parents said I should try 4 balls. I knew it would be a lot harder but with your instuctions it was not as hard as I thought. Now when I'm not doing homework or I've got some sparet time, I try to master my juggling even more. Thanks again.

Beth Shewchuk

I never thought i could juggle but your page made it happen and now i'm a juggler and it only took one day. . . thanks man

Jess Goodchild
age 12

Thanks a lot I've been trying to juggle for ages but when I found your website my dream came true thanks to your clear instructions and diagrams. THANKYOU!!


thanks so much, yer website got me to learn 4 ball juggling in bout 10 minutes! your website is such a big help. thanx!

Jaka Zupancic

TNX for helping me it took me about 3 days to learn, but it was worth it. P.S: Im trying to juggle tourches (unlit) for now. I first wanted to juggle when i saw someone at nature camp so...

Michael Tompkins

by following your instruction, I learned how to juggle in about an hour. My sister-in-law had to learn to juggle for a team building project at work and was try to learn the art. After watching her struggle I thought I would give it a try and wasnít having much success. I told her to hold on and went to the net and after a few minutes of print out your techniques, we began the basics. Now, juggling is like riding a bike once you learn the fundamentals you donít forget. I picked it up really quick, but I have found the key to be a rhythm, and to call out your net move or make a saying for it so you remember to throw the balls. Thank you for your help,


ya your instructions helped me out a lot


Hi - I learned juggling on a campsite using 3 stones. After reading your web site, I realized that now I want to learn how to ride a unicycle, while juggling 4 balls P.S. You are brilliant! Thanks for a great site!

Paige Airs

I can easily understand your juggling step's.

brad jacobs

this must be one of the best juggling site i have ever been to i have been trying to juggly for 2 weeks and i have not succeded i have come to your site i have learnt. Thanx

Dave Thomas

I actually had to learn how to juggle for a school project and i had no idea how to juggle, but i followed your instructions and, im not the best juggler, but i can keep it going.

Darren Sum

Many thanks for creating such a clear and coherent page on juggling - I cannot believe I managed to do it in one day! Thanks again

Joe Fowler

hey, i learned to juggle 3 balls with your instructions thanks!


i learned to juggle in only one day thanks to you and your easy to follow step by step instructions.


Wow!! How amazing first thing i know is that i can bearly catch a ball and then the next thing i know is that i am juggling. I learnt how to juggle in 2 days and my personal best is 36 catches and as u said i just cant get enough of juggling every time i see some random things i just have to juggle them, Its just so FUN!!! Your instructions are very simple and very effective. I just never thought that i would ever be able to juggle it just looks so difficult, I totally agree that it has something to do with the Matrix the balls seem to fall slower when your juggling. Thank You So Much

Don Sarver

Your page was a big help. Just a little perserverance and practice and I am finally able to keep everything circling in the air for awhile anyway! Thanks for your web site.


Yeah! I learned to juggle in like 20 min. thanks! Itís so cool!

Garrett Applegarth
Age 16
Eastmont, WA

From your 3 ball instructions I have learned to juggle perfectly on my unicycle in 2 weeks. I ride a unicycle for my school and circus' who come into town. They will all be amazed at what I'm bringing them for '03-'04!! Thank you very much!


i am writing to say thank you for your juggling tips. Thanks to your juggling page i learnt to juggle in less than a day and i have now juggled in front of hundreds of people. I am about to learn four ball juggling. Thanks

QLD, Australia
Age 14

Your site was great! Sure this is my first day and I'm only using onions, but I can juggle! The animations were great and really helped me. Now I just can't stop...its addictive!

Alberto Alfaro

I have actually juggled with 3 balls. thanks for teaching me.

Matt Casselberry

Thank you so much for having such a great website on learning how to juggle. I have never juggled in my life and my sister brought home 3 balls all the same size and different colors and i thought, wow i need to learn how to juggle. So i went to Yahoo! and typed in "learn how to juggle", and this was the first page to come up so i clicked that. The instructions are sooooo easy! After about 10 minutes of practicing i can actually juggle! Thanks!!

J. Chan

I've always wanted to learn how to juggle and with your website, I learned it within an hour! The instructions and pictures were very informative and really helped me learn the methods.

Jimmy Png

Hey, I follow your instructions, tough at the beginning but I now juggle, counting from one, two, threeÖ.fifthteen..I will be teaching others using your method. Thanks Steve

Amanda Jacobs

Thank you very much for this page- it's helped bunches...i'm in a production of "Kiss me Kate" in my hometown and we had to do something that was "crazy" so i decided that i'd juggle, i mean we even have a kid riding a unicyle...anyway..you page helped me so much- it only took 45 minutes, and i can already juggle without looking at my hands! it was amazing! thank you so much! -now i won't look like a fool on stage! haha!


hey i learned to juggle!it was cool

Timothy McGreavy

People think I'm crazy and can't understand why I want to learn to juggle, "I just do." Now I've got my seven-year-old trying it! It's fun. Thanks for your helpful web site.


I learnt 3 ball juggling from your page..I have started learning 4 balls. Its a nice effort..thanks a lot ..

Allen Blackburn
16 years old

I checked out youre website and learned to juggle in about 1 hour. Juggling is really fun but challenging. Thanks a lot

Kyle Winfield

Thanks for helping me learn to juggle. Your instructions helped me more than any other i could find on the internet.

Evren Sutekin
23 year old

hi. i was practicing for juggling about 4 months with nonsense informations but your lessons tought me juggling in only 1,5 hour...thanks,now i can juggle apples in a supermarket or bottles in a pub:)

John Moore

Hi Steve, I was surprised to learn how easy this is. I picked up a set of juggling balls at a toy store on an impulse and started teaching myself. Only took about half-hour to start getting the hang of it. I didn't really catch on til I found your page on the net though. Nice clear illustrations. Twenty years ago I worked at a summer camp with two guys who were also circus performers from Peru, Indiana (the circus is the biggest thing going in Peru) and they were both excellent jugglers. It never occurred to me to attempt it. I'm 40 now .. glad I did. My sons want me to stop juggling their stuff and my cats run from the room when I come in. Think I'll try out the 4 ball instructions, and then...machetes! (Not)

XcLuSiVe Ny

I learned how 2 juggle from your website within 2days all thanks to yoyr very detailed website

Sergey Prokofiev
Durham, United Kingdom

hey your instructions were great! thanks, hours of amusement

Ms. Stacey

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that our summer day camp program used your website to learn how to juggle. I own a licensed group daycare and we have a summer program for the school kids. Each week during the summer, we choose a new theme and this week's theme was Circus Week. Today, we learned about juggling and how to juggle. Your website was so much help! The animated pictures were a great help in explaining the techniques for juggling. Thank you!

Justin Pelley
Vallejo, California

I juggle, everyday. I have mastered juggling two balls in one hand, in both hands, mastered juggling three balls, mastered three balls counter clockwise and clockwise, and i'm mastering juggling two balls in one hand, in both hands, presently! Where are you from? Well, I've got to go! Bye!


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