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If you learned to juggle from these instructions your name, and any (or all) of the following; where you are from, your age, a brief comment about juggling, your email address and your picture if you have one and I'll post them here.

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The Jugglers


I wanted to juggle balls my whole life. As a kid, I started with 2 balls but never practiced the right technique and it seemed easy with 2 balls. Then I tried 3 balls and it seemed so difficult.It was always at the back of my mind but I never did. I started playing tennis recently and on one of the blogs, I found that juggling balls will help me. And I found this link on that blog and wow! I could juggle in 3 days. Just half an hour a day. I know I am a slow started but 3 days. That was amazing. I am a little rough but now I have got the technique, I can refine it everyday. Target 1- refine it well and get more confidence. Target 2 - juggle 4 balls And yeah, I did it with tennis balls. So I guess it will be even easier with heavier and smaller and low bouncing balls. :) Thank you so much for explaining and illustrating it so well. I am so happy.

Czech Republic

I learned to juggle 4 balls thanks to your site! My tip for other jugglers: even with little and irregular practise you can learn it! I practised on average maybe 10 minutes a week, only when I had mood for juggling, and after a few months, I can juggle 4 balls!


hi my name is Katie Smith. I'm a very young at heart 54 yr. old nanny of 3. Always wanted to juggle balls since i'm always juggling all the stuff (good and bad) in my life anyway. i crotcheted my own bean bag juggle balls, found your site and there was no stopping me! After 3 weeks i got the hang of it. Your lesson site is second to none and i'm spreading it around to my girlfriends, ...whay ta go Steve.


My name is Bailey Schober. I'm 14 years old and I can finally juggle thanks to you. You really helped me.


My name is Andy Edwards, and because of you i can now juggle!! I have read so many tutorials, literally hundreds, and this is the first one that has actually helped!!! The tutorial was so we written and easy to understand that after about 30-40 minutes i could juggle for about 30 seconds with out messing up every time and I'm getting better and better every time. Thank you soooo much I have wanted to know how to juggle for my entire life and now i can thanks to you!!(I'm 19 BTW)

35 yrs old
Avondale, Arizona

I'm a homeschool mom of three and I learned to Juggle!!!! Thanks so much for keeping the website up- Your instructions were GREAT! I learned with pool table balls, but now I practice with rice-balloon balls. The lighter balls mean fewer thuds on the floor and fewer smashed fingers! Here's a site where you can make juggling balls if you want to post it- Make Juggling Balls I can't wait to teach my kids- Your website will be a valuable tool. Sincere Thanks

18 years old
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hello, Ever since I was a kid I had the biggest desire to learn to juggle, mainly because I had an older cousin who could juggle, and he was my idol because of this.
Thank you so much, your instructions were awesome... I found that medium sized potatoes worked the best for me
good luck to everyone else!


It really helped - I came across your page and laughed at what I saw. Then I read through and after practicing a little bit, I was juggling, and the funny thing is I actually said "I'm juggling!". This is a fun and interesting page, Thanks alot! :)



thanku so much i can now juggle, i'm 15 and play tennis alot and everyone seems to be able to juggle and i was too ashamed to admit i couldn't. i learnt from your website! the animations were very helpful. i can only juggle with 3 balls but i will keep trying! thanks again!

Mike A.


A spur of the moment decision lead me to learn to juggle, i found your site first, and it was the only one i needed to use. I learned using racquetballs which was difficult but it was all I had at the time, it took me about 2 days to get the hang of it and i love it.Thanks for such a good site.

13 years old

I'm Jeff and I learned how to juggle 3 balls within 3 days. I can juggle lacrosse balls as long as I want. Im only 13 years old to. SEEEE YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

22 years old

hey! I found the course really helpful. Even tough I didn't have 3 balls handy, I got lemons instead (unfortunately different sizes!). Then I ran through your learn-to-juggle steps. I took me half an hour until I could see amazing effects!! The cool thing is - it works and there's a lot of fun! :) I'll keep practicing :). Thanks a lot!

Thom G.
21 years old
Coventry, UK

I can juggle, I'm chuffed! I have been practicing every day since and I am becoming more comfortable with it. I want to perfect the art so that I can juggle really well. Thanks for the site! I think juggling is great fun and also you can do it to pass time, for example while I'm at the computer waiting, cos I don't have broadband yet! Cheerio


Steve, I have spent 2 weeks trying to teach myself to juggle - without any success. Then I found your website - within an hour and a half I was saying to myself, 'Hey, I'm juggling!' Thanks Dude, Luke.


It took about an hour to get three balls going, then another hour to reach 50 throws, and now I can go as long as I want. Next step is to teach my daughter, who got this whole thing started. Thanks for the encouragement and great instructions.

12 years old

Hey! Just wanted to say THANX! ur steps are so easy! i learned to juggle 3 balls in 30 minutes! thanx to u,i can finally tell my friends i can juggle, and show them it!YAY! im going to try to juggle 4 balls soon. but for now,whenever i go to a supermarket,and im at the fruit section,people will see oranges flying up in the air! once again, THANK YOU!

11 years old

My name is Alyssa and I have almost got juggling down. This web site really helped me do something my dad didn't like 30 years ago. I wanted to learn to juggle because not many kids my age (11) know how to do. Also cause' at the end of the school year there will be a Talent show and I plan to win at least 3rd place. Last year most kids sang, that's something I would never do in front of the whole school. Anyway I just want to say thanks, for changing my life.

eddie B.

the site was great i learned how to juggl right away thanks again.

12 years old

Hello thanks to your website and instructions that are so easy to follow i have started to juggle with 3 balls! i have always wanted to and it looked so hard until i tryed it and could do it! thanks alot youve been really helpful cya

Thomas Carron

thanks to your helpful website i started jugling in one night now i practice it everyday and hope to start jugling flaming tenis balls soon enough =P

Ulrik O'Driscoll

Hi! I'm stunned! I thought learning to juggle with three balls would be difficult, but with the help of your intructions it only took me ONE hour to do over 50 throws. I'm soo excited at the moment. Thank you!

mazen aoun
15 years old

Hya!  i started googling for how to juggle 10 minutes ago,  n here i am now juggling three apples like a monkey in a monkey suit! lol i'm juggling with 3 apples right now...I RECOMMEND JUGGLING!! PS: i learned some good stuff @ funnyjuggler too!


I learned to juggle four balls really quickly by following your instructions..Thank you! I have been juggling now for 6 months. I love it, I try and juggle every day. I am a primary school teacher so I use juggling to get the kids attention..they love it too... Hey I'm a juggling evangelist! Anyway, many thanks

Jonny Gee

i am a juggler

age 38

I learned to juggle 3 balls following the instructions on your web site. I used some free soft juggling balls that my wife Shob brought back for me from a trade show - they were really good for learning. Thanks for putting up the web site - your instructions really work. I can now also juggle 3 oranges and 3 squash balls. Onto 4 balls juggling next, unfortunately the soft juggling balls came as a set of 3 :-] Cheers

Essex England

Hi, I've learnt to juggle over the last 2 weeks with help from your page. Once I got over the boring 2 ball practice I started to really enjoy playing with my balls. Thx


hey your cool juggling thin was cool i learned three and four i promise im not lying

Ashley M.

Hey there. I finally nailed the 4 ball juggle :-) Woohoo. So proud of myself! Just had to tell someone!

ON Canada

Good site, I never thought I could juggle but after practicing some techniques off your site for about three days I can now juggle.Thanks,

Dominic C

The ability of being able to juggle is one in which every person should have, and with the correct approach, I am sure that it is a small step that one and all can climb. After purchasing the vibrant, yet oddly mismatched balls, I set out on the pathway to realisation. Two days after embarking on the challenge, the gesture of running the multi-coloured orbs began to take-off. Keeping control of the triplets for over ten seconds became a goal. You would think that if one can juggle for 11 seconds, then surely one can juggle for 30? Unlike driving (one of my more recently acquired skills), this turned out not to be the case. I could juggle with a satisfactory course for around 12 seconds, until gravity swept the sphere behind my hand. With regular practise and further concentration, the 30 second target was well within reach. Once again the internet provided me with further guidance on improving the motion. A week later the ‘3-ball cascade’ had a better flow to it. A feeling of pleasure came over me when I could juggle for up to half a minute. Pushing the yard line further became a resounding fixation. Every further second I could juggle made everything feel more natural; oddly enough even bending spoons appeared trouble-free. To include an additional ball to the juggle looks to be the next step, which I look forward to as much as I did to add three balls. Thanks to Steve and his website.

Sessy Melia

just an email to say, i learnt to juggle from your instructions, thanks

Elisabeth Haukeland

I used your instructions on juggling as part of a talk to my college class about the brain and what effects learning to juggle has on the brain. I had made juggling balls for everyone present (20) of baloons with rice (http://www.ontariosciencecentre.ca/scizone/e3/circus/juggle/makeball.asp good tips on how to make juggling balls.) and then I quickly went through the steps. I streamlined them slightly to to better fit into my presentation, hope you don’t mind. Thanx again.

Lori Dixon
Knoxville, Tn

I teach PE in Knoxville, Tn. I learned how to juggle when I was 17. I've taught my 4th and 5th grade classes to juggle for 21 years! There should be alot of jugglers in this town huh? I learned how to do 4 balls from your site. Not proficient at it yet but I will be with enough practice. Great to see a site like this on the web. I will send my students to it. Thanks for all your help. Keep juggling!


Thank you so much for posting these instructions about juggling on the net. My son has been after me to learn to juggle for three years. He says it will help my tennis playing so much because of the need for hand-eye coordination. I have spent hours struggling with three tennis balls, and always ended up frustrated because I didn't know where to start. Now I do and I'm hoping to be able to master this sport/art or whatever it is. Thanks again.


i learnt to juggle in just half an hour thanks to your wonderfully animated pages. cheers.

Gemma Hutch

Hello, my name is Gemma, I am 16 and live in England. I learnt how to juggle thanks to your website.Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou very much i really enjoy juggling now, its such a stress relif when revising for my exams, and its also so fun! I wanted to juggle after seeing a man juggling in town who was a similar age to me, He tried to teach me and my friend but we both failed miserably. About 3 moths latter when I was board in my Christmas school holidays I decided to throw oranges around in the attempt to juggle. I couldn’t do it until I found your website which made it very clear and easy to understand how to juggle. However the oranges soon started to split and I had to tape them up to prevent any leaks. My mum made me stop throwing oranges around when there was juices on the sofa which I had been juggling over. I now finally, after over a month, have found some juggling balls in a shop and hope to be able to juggle 4 balls soon. Im having fun just juggling 3 at the moment, i also like juggling 2 balls in one hand, i can do that with my left as well as my right. Thankyou so much for your time doing this website. You make a great coach.


Juggling is something eye have attempted over & over 4 many years with no results, juz lost balls and frazzled nerves. 1 day I look at the computer & think 2 myself,"Why knot?" So I type juggling and lo & behold...eye am juggling...knot like a pro but with practice..who nose?? all spelling mistakes are my feeble attempt at humour and you can tell frum my spelling I am Canadian...a lonely, lonely, single Canadian. oh so very, very lonely...oh well that will give me loads of time 2 practice right?!! Good luck 2 all who try and succeed in all endeavours..including jugglin'...later...AJ


Learned to juggle from your site and I'm hooked...only juggling that is. I'm not great yet or anything but I love it, started with hacky sacks and recently bought real juggling balls. I'm so happy. Great website!

Greg S.
Kelowna B.C.

Hi Steve! Your web page taught me how to juggle. Thanks for the info! Yours Etc.

Laura McCalla
17 years old
East Bernard, TX

Hey! I have always wanted to learn how... and thanks to your website I finally did! I'm still a little rough around the edges but with practice I'll definitely get it.. so.. Thanks!! ~Juggling is super fun.. when you can do it..~

Karl Beacham

I done it, did it, am doing it. Sorted.


It only took me an hour of practice to be able to juggle.


I have been able to juggle three for the longest time, but I just haven't been able to juggle four. Of late, however, I have just been juggling three because my friends at school will just throw things to me. Yesterday, my friend actually threw four things to me. I couldn't do it! Now I have full confidence that I could. Thanks again,

Leo Viëtor
46 YO
The Netherlands

Started juggling in December 2003, because it seemed fun. picture no more available (PC crashed and no backups) Thanks, I learned form your website to practice in front of a bed, that saved a lot of bending. Juggling with 4 in 4 variations, is still difficult for me but I juggled it. It can grow now. Thanks.

Mark Jeffreys
Oslo, Norway

well, I`m not juggling yet, not even 3 balls too well. But I`m going to persist and I just wanted to thank you for putting these fantastic instructions on the net. The fact that you would do that and do it so well is inspiration in itself! thanks


I just ran across your instructions, and they are great. I will try to learn how to Juggle and let you know the results....Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.


your site was a great help! when i did a solid 4-5 rotations i was like like yes! i'm juggling! The animation was good and the text was really helpful. I can't wait to show my five year old. Thanks very much!

Andrew Tynes

I learned how to juggle 4 balls with your directions

Francisco Hobbs

i managed to learn how to juggle just frm ur 5 simple lessons. thanx m8!

16 years old
Surrey, England

Thanks! You're instructions and graphics really helped. I learnt complete 3 ball juggling in 3 days. Thanks again!

David Fuke

I have just about got going with 3 balls. Very Good instructions

keith Jackson

Hey man this really helped. I didnt practice much besides the first two days where I got the concept and knew what I was aiming for. I could get the rotation in but only once. I would say a good few weeks went by and know I can actually juggle. Major improvement should when I switched from tennis balls to actual juggling balls. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks.

50 years old

Greetings i found your instructions on the web regarding juggling. And saw your request that we write to you if we.... well... juggled :) THANKS! Im 50 years old and probably over 20 of those years i always wanted to juggle. Recently it has been a constant "want". i went and bought 3 hackey sacks and started. I did about 5- 3 ball exchanges today!!! Thanks for your instructions. Hell it ain't much but it is one more skill in the bag. Thanks very much. Peace, Patience, and Perserverance

Rachel Merser

Hi i learned the juggling after 5 practices the pictures are great and i understood the instructions easy.i applaud to you!!!:)


am so glad that i came on the internet and looked at your website. now i can juggle three balls. And the thing is that i just started on the 16 of nov. 2003. which is today. But i need more time to juggle four balls. lol

Evan B-B

yes i can juggle thanks to ur instructions

Bob Skura
Ontario Canada

When I read on your web site that some people had learned 4 ball juggling in a few hours it discouraged me but I thought even if it takes me longer I'm going to persevere. I'm not very good yet but I did get up to ten exchanges which I set as my target before I would write to you. Your instructions are very good and it is true that a person must learn each step along the way. Happy juggling to all.

amos butler


David Rowlands

Great website took me 3 weeks to learn to juggle thanks a million

Tracey, Jeff & Frank
Findlay, OH

We were all given hacky sacks while traveling for work. After several attempts to hacky we decided to move on to juggling. We were so clueless--but your site was great! It only took one afternoon--the animations really helped. Now Jeff is considering quitting his day job to join the circus.. okay, not really. But he's looking forward to juggling on the golf course next summer! Thanks!!


Thanks, for helping me to learn to juggle Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris E


Ronald Cabahug

Thanks for teaching me how to juggle. I bought a bean bag juggling set a few days ago from my school circus and learned about the cascade (juggling technique), but never really learned how to juggle. Thanks for making this site because it taught me exactly how to juggle.


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