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If you learned to juggle from these instructions your name, and any (or all) of the following; where you are from, your age, a brief comment about juggling, your email address and your picture if you have one and I'll post them here.



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i learned to juggle in two days based on your clear instructions and animated diagrams!

Ruel Neuman

Hi, I learned 4 balls from your instructions in a 30 minutes.Thank you,

Samantha G.

hehehe.. I learned how to juggle in less than a week (including the fact that I was in school most of each day) so I wanted to say thank you, your instructions were very easy to follow.


I learned to juggle using your directions in a week, 15 minutes a day. I used three baseballs to learn. After I learned the proper toss, I tried juggling with two balls in one hand, and after a couple minutes I tried 3 balls, and wham! I had the exact reaction you said I would. I only looked at 1 lesson at a time, until I got it down, and I just read the last page today! Its like the Matrix or something, once you get it, the balls just seem to fall slower, and you move quicker. I wanted to learn to juggle so I could improve my coordination for ice hockey, I'm trying to move up to the collegiate ranks. Thanks for making such a great website, and I'll email you when I get to four!


hey i learned how to juggle using these steps! my uncle is in a circus and i always thought it was cool he taught me here and there but it was never as easy until i looked at this page its so simple and explains so well. good job !

Joshua Huffman

have always been able to juggle 2 balls and it took me about 5 minutes to do 3. I never even had a clue how to do 4, 2 in one hand, or that any of those insane ones by Rick Rubenstein even existed. Your site has really got me to more so understand how to juggle with more than 3 balls. Great, Great site.

James Barrigan
age 15

I learnt to juggle 3 balls with your instructions and now my record is 28 catches! p.s. I found the "left right" tip very useful.

age 13
New Jersey

Your website was a great tool for learning how to juggle. It took me a couple days to get pretty good.

mark adkin

thank you very much i learned to juggle thanks to your instructions!

will sikora

hey i used your lessons to learn to juggle 4 balls. its a good lesson...got any more ..like trick ones? and do you know of any other websites that might have good tutorials and/or videos..or something like yours? thanks alot..

Steven Wheelwright

Hi, I learned to juggle from your instructions. I'm trying to get it to work on my unicycle. Thank you,


thanks man i did it i can juggle with 4 bals now thanks to you

J. L.

The instructions were great.. I never thought I could learn how to juggle i less than an hour. I still am far from a graceful juggler, but I had it going with 3 tuna cans for awhile. Thanks!

Carter Dennis

Well i have been trying to learn how to juggle from anywhere I can. Iv asked my dad to help me and internet sites . I no how to ride a unicycle so i really want to no how to juggle .I tihnk this website has helped me so thanx alot.



Tim Quinlan

Hey, I learned how to juggle from your page. I was bored at 1 in the morning and your page was my answer!!! But 2:22, which is the time I am writing this, I can juggle almost endlessly! Your page was cool, it was easy and very helpful. Thanks.


Dude! I can juggle! It took like 5 minutes! Thanx alot

Lee Lawver
age 13

Hello, think your juggling page is great! It only took me a day or 2 to get to be a decent juggler. Your page makes it easy for anyone to inderstand. I am a Jester for a medieval fair that we have at my school, and as a project i learned decided to learn to juggle. I used racketballs, it was somewhat hard because when one hit another in my hand they bounced out, but i got the hang of it. Thanks for this page, without it i may have gotten a bad grade on my project.


Nice site!!! I have always wanted to learn just never took the time. I learned in about 30min. Thanks again -Chris


i learned to juggle from ure instructions!


Hey I'm juggling! Thank's man! Now it is the 4 ball I am heading to! Very easy to learn from your site! Thank you!

13 years old

G'day At my school we are having a medieval feast at the end of term. We can dress up as a medieval character. I wanted to be a jester, but I couldn't juggle. Then I found this website on google. So I gave it a try, and now LOOK AT ME! I CAN JUGGLE!!! Thanks a lot.

Gregory Argals
Alberta, Canada

About 2 and 1/2 weeks ago myself and a few friends were in class, talking about juggling. Like most other people i had to say i didn't know how. This bothered me alot, not being able to juggle! Since that time i learned to juggle three balls myself in my basement, and i wanted to juggle four. i just didn't know how it worked. Thanks to your clear and easy to follow instuctions in only 3 days i learned to juggle four! I'm on my way with five and i can't thank you enough.

age 17

hey with your help and the help of an awesome personal coach, i am inspired to be the best juggler i can. i have always wanted to juggle, but never could learn how--but now i can be part of the juggling club at my school! im up to three fast rotations so far, and counting!! thanks! jugglers for life!!

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