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If you learned to juggle from these instructions your name, and any (or all) of the following; where you are from, your age, a brief comment about juggling, your email address and your picture if you have one and I'll post them here.



...and More Jugglers


Cheers Big Ears. I can juggle now, very easy instructions, top banana.


Hey. I already knew how to juggle 3 balls, but this helped me explain to my friend how to juggle.

Salman Hasan

Hey, great website! I've always wanted to juggle and amazingly it took me less than an hour to learn to juggle three balls following your lessons. Thanks!


III learned to juggle 4 balls with your instructions, I skipped a bunch of steps though


I learned to juggle in two hours using your instructions.


Hello, I would like to thank you :) Because of your great advises I learned to juggle in 25 minutes. Thanks again! :)

Dinesh Dharmawardena
Sri Lanka

thanks alot now I can juggle. Great tutorial, very nice animations. Thanks again

James Harper

hey im juggling, thanks

14 years old

I had to learn to juggle in 3 days it was hard on my own but with your website it took me about 10 minutes it was fun and easy so I would like to thank you. Thank you and have a good day. yours truly

Brian McClamroch
14 years old

Hey I'm now finally starting to juggle after years of wanting to learn it only took me 3 days to accomplish this from your awesome lessons on this website. Thank you so much.

Larry Thomas
Illinois, USA

I'd always had an interest in juggling and tried off and on for years to figure out how, and thanks to your simple instructions I have finally gotten the hang of it. I found your site through Google and one day, six tangerines, and three potatoes later I've learned to juggle three balls. Heck, I've even learned to sew now that I've made myself a set of flannel-and-bean bags to practice with. Thanks for the concise instructions and helpful animations. I'm a juggling fool now.


DLiebers juggles 4

Brian McClamroch
14 years old

Hey I'm now finally starting to juggle after years of wanting to learn it only took me 3 days to accomplish this from your awesome lessons on this website. Thank you so much.


i learned to juggle from that amazing page thank you! i always wanted to learn!

Josh Ziering.

Thanks for your great site. I learned to successfully juggle 3 balls. I routinely walk around now juggling stuff. I can juggle going up and down stairs. I even juggle while talking on AIM. Juggling is great. Thanks again.


I have just finished reading your juggling page and now i can juggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooooo happy! I have a juggling test for gym tomorrow and i am going to pass thanks to you!!!!!! Thanks again

Andy Bufton
Worcestershire - England

Well hi there. Many thanks for your easy to understand and simple to follow instructions. With the help of your site I can now juggle 3 balls for an almost indefinite period of time. Very many thanks

Andrew W

I learned how to juggle from your site in less than an hour!!!! My friend at school was juggling and I got the urge to learn how. Thanks sooo much. I can now impress all of my friends.


i did it thanks i had to know how to juggle and i couldn't get it down and i hyave a big test tomaorw on juggling so i am trying to do it thanks soo much you saved me from get a low grade


it took me a couple of hours but i am onto a winner now cheers m8.


Thanks for helping me learn how to juggle. I have almost got it so i can keep going. I can do it about 5 or 6 times before i mess up. thanks

Yuichi Osaki

Hey! Thanks for your help! I can juggle now!! I always thought juggling was cool. One day at school, my friend was juggling apples, and for some reason I had this great earge to juggle. My friend, he can juggle baseball bats too, and I got really jelouse, so I told him I'm gonna learn how to juggle. I found your site and gave it a try, and Vualla!! The first day, I was able to juggle 6 toss. This is my third day and I can juggle really good. Still need more practice but can't wate to see the look on my friend's face!! Thanks alot, and keep helping others how to juggle!!

Sean Fox

Hey thanks now ive got a new talent, thanks for this website, its helped me learn my way to success.

Ben Heigh

Hey I got it, tried it on my break, your web page is great, I think I've got it already.

Sue Swayn

Thanks dude. I'm now a juggler. Do you have anymore circus tricks?


I went to your site that I found out from my teacher and learned new tricks.thanks

Marquez Tyson

Thanks to your website i learned how to juggle in about 30 minutes. After i perfect the 3 ball juggle im gonna work on the 4 one. Thanx a million

Molly McChrystal

13 years old

Amazing, I never thought that I could learn to juggle in less than 2hrs. . thank you so much for your lessons iam a fast learner and this just proves that if you try hard enough anything is possible. I already ride unicycle and stlts i love circus arts and now(thanks to your lessons) I can add this to my circus resume. Very Greatful,

Miki the Clown

I can honestly say that your site is the best site on the web to learn to juggle by. You can see my web site at www.mikitheclown.co.uk Hope you didn?t mind but I?ve put a link to your site on my pages

Nelson Rockwood

I'm a Senior in College, Spanish Major, also studying theatrical Clown (hopefully with the aide of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship). My father taught me to juggle three a long time ago. A medicine company gave my MD. mother a box of bean bag balls. I found your page. I now procrastonate by juggling. Fun stuff. I can throw 4 balls 12 times so far. Thanks for the help, Peace,

Megan Burkert
Williams lake B.C., Canada

i learned to juggle in 10 minutes.

Kerry Shaw

I'm getting there,still having probelms with the balls not landing in the right position but I guess that will come with practice.

Pierson PFC Tyler

Hey i knew how to juggle four but i needed help on some ways to manipulate four because i always get confused but this helped out. Thanks.

Gloria Hammad
Age 28
Berkeley, CA

Thanks so much for making your juggling website. Juggling was a fad in my high school, and I used to practice three-ball juggling a lot with my friends back then. I never knew how to juggle with four balls until I looked at your website. I was always trying to juggle four balls the same way I did three, and somehow the fourth ball would always sit idle in one hand! Now that I see the pattern is completely different, I have this crisis every morning, "Go to school, practice juggling, go to school, practice juggling, go to school..." Consequently my "ball" of choice is a lemon. I never considered actually spending money on real juggling balls. I'm on my way now to the game store to check them out, senior thesis be damned! Thanks again for contributing to my academic demise. Jugglers Unite!


Ive been juggling on and off for years now but iv'e never sat down (or stood up) and decided to learn how to juggle four balls. I was off ill today so i thought i might give it a go. This had me juggling four in minutes (albeit only 15-20 catches at the moment) so thanks a lot.


Metro Christian Academys sixth hour 8'th grade speech class thanks you for helping teach us how to juggle.


these instructions helped alot... now, i can juggle thanks again

Noa Lidstone

I followed what you said and I can finally juggle. I never knew the mechanics were so different from what I thought they were.

Jack Britten
Grapevine, TX

I learned to juggle (3 ball) in 5 hours using your webpage. It would have been quicker but I began with golf balls and had to go out some bean bag type juggling balls. It went quick after that. I am now working on the 4 ball variation. Thanks for the help.

Gerard Laws

I always wanted to juggle 3,4 and now maybe even 5 balls. And thanks to your page I now can.

Jay Hertl

Hello, We have a variety of similar interests, and now I will see if I can learn how to juggle. I have a great desire to learn, and I am encouraged by the postings on your JUGGLERS page that seem to be from people who have learned in as few as fifteen minutes to as many as three days. I have frequently spent that long becoming discouraged with the directions that came with my juggling balls. Thank you for an interesting site.

St. Louis

It took awhile, but I got it. Thank you for the great instructions.


thank you... it took me 2 hours... slowly i could juggle... my name is Jay Lee...next week i will try to juggle 4... will email you soon.. thanks again..


Hello thank you for teaching me how to juggle you did a great job I really learned how to thanks.

25 years old

Just wanted to let you know that I learnt to juggle over the weekend. I even went out and bought proper juggling balls, I love it! Then I was even able to teach my husband too!

Eileen, Bill and Sean

We're trying! Only one set of balls between all 3 of us, might take a while...will keep you posted

anthony hopeufeelbetter

You should be proud of your site, it helped me tremendously. Take care

Robert Guildner

Thank you very much for your lesson on juggling three balls. I have been thinking about this for awhile and a goggle search turned up your site. You've done a great service.


I learned to juggle using your instruction in about 15 minutes! It is something I always wanted to do. Thanks

Jass Murutalu
14 years old

Thanks for teaching me to juggle. I tryed it at home and I almost got it right but then I found you're web page and suddenly I am a Jugglere!

Frank III

thanks alot because thanks to your page i can now juggle pretty well


Hi Today I learnt to juggle from your site in just one day. I didn't think it was that easy! See ya

Mateja Bartol and Tomaz Bartol

I am from slovene and i want to learn juggling. I tried your steps, it is great!!!

Justin MacDonald

Thanks to your online instructions, I can now juggle!!! Thanks!!!

Christian Jensenle.

I learned to juggle three balls after going through the process on your website. I am currently working on other tricks and a 4-ball juggle.

Ryan Atkins

I learned to juggle from your instruction on-line! they are great instructions! thank you so much! Again thanks! juggling is so awesome!


My girlfriend wanted to learn how to juggle, and she wanted me to teach her. Me, not wanting to seem dumb, said sure. So i needed to learn how to juggle in a hurry. This sight taught me how in less than an hour, and now i can impress the girl! :-) Thanx for your sight. It helped a bunch!

Andy Murray

Hey Thanks for teaching me how to juggle.

Jackie Norwood

This is something I always wanted to do and thanks to you I'm now doing it! Hopefully I'll progress to four and will be e-mailing you before too long!

Brett West
Pennsylvania, USA

hey, I just wanted to say thanks for showing me how to juggle with 4 balls. I have been able to juggle with 3 for about 5 years now and never really understood how to juggle with more than that. Now I can impress people all over again...thanks again


hello, and yes by reading your page and taking it step by step I learned how to juggle over the weekend, Thanks

Jonny H

great instruction at the begining of the day i sucked now i can juggle. It's really addicting

17 years old

Hey! Thanks so much for teaching me how to juggle! I had insisted for years that I lacked hand-eye coordination, but this has proven me wrong! I recently saw a Cirque troupe and got to know one of the jugglers and I figured it would be a good time to learn how to do it myself. It's so much fun. Thanks again!

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