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If you learned to juggle from these instructions your name, and any (or all) of the following; where you are from, your age, a brief comment about juggling, your email address and your picture if you have one and I'll post them here.



...and More Jugglers

Dan Cox
Fort Wayne, IN

Thanks for the instructions, I actually learned to juggle. The first couple of days, I was convinced I would never be able to do it. Then all of a sudden... wala!!! I don't think I will be looking for a job at the circus any time soon, but it's kind of a good feeling being able to do it.


i one day picked up some tennis balls and started. then after reading your page i realized i was using the wrong kind of tools. you've shown me the error of my ways. thanks for giveing me the free knowledge.


Now I can Juggle!I read he instructions and in a about 3-4 hours I was JUGGLING!By Myself!

Mike Montgomery

I was just wanting to send you an email letting you know that I am learning to juggle. I have used your page as my only reference and it has worked flawlessly. I am learning using racketball, although they feel a little light. I am getting ready to order a set of 3" stage balls. I just wanted to say thanks for the great instruction.

Jake Taylor

Now I can juggle like a clown. I love doing it and have given all my friends your instructions and now some of them can juggle. I am really pleased you put this on the internet cheers

Alper Basaran

Thank you for all the time and effort you spent on the page. I could juggle (that means from zero to juggling) in less than 24 hours. This page is greater than any "as seen on TV" products when it comes to efficency.

age 13

i learn to juggle 4 balls in 30 mins it is cool.

Michael Anthony

Thank you so much for your valuable instructions, especially the graphics. What I once thought was an impossibility is now a reality.


I've gotten almost everything down. The only problem I have is after i throw the 3rd ball, and catch it in my left hand , i don't really know what to do! Well i know more than i used to! thanks,

22 Years old
Toronto, Canada

Hi, I have always wondered how people learn how to juggle and never thought it would be so easy to learn it myself.... a week ago I started working for Hugo Boss selling their Hugo Boss In Motion fragrance which is a bottle that looks like a metalic ball... well I organize special events for them and thought it would be a great idea to hire somebody to juggle these bottles and call lots of attention to the fragrance... Well, I tried to juggle myself out of curiosity and managed to juggle two balls one under the other.. but didnt have a clue how to juggle 3 balls. Well, I was just about to go to bed tonight when I told myself.. hey, check the net, maybe you can find something on juggling.... less than half hour later I was juggling.. I couldnt stop laughing at how easy and intuitive it was. Thanks for your easy but complete explanations and animations. I'm going to practice a bit more then I'm going straight to 4 balls.. oh by the way, I broke one of your rules.. I used tennis balls.. couldnt find anything else... guess I can only do better with more appropriate balls. Thanks once more!

Jon Willard

Hey, your page helped most out of any others I found on the web geared toward juggling for beginners. I've been juggling for about a month and I joined my campus juggling club. They've helped a lot and I'm now working on the Mills Mess. My friends and family are really impressed about how much I've improved. Thanks your site helped a lot.


I learned to Juggle using your page! Thanks.


i could juggle before but i was so messy thanx for the tips and if u could tell me of any other web sites or even some more tips i would be ever so glad u can e-mail me and thanx again

Duane Martz

I have tried to juggle on and of for years from books. Your graphics did the trick though. In 15 minutes I was sustainiong 4 or 5 exchanges without a pause. Thankyou


i used your instructions and i learned how to juggle.

22 Years old

Five years ago I tried juggling with pool balls and I ended up with a broken tooth. I havent tried juggling since. One day, my girlfriend asked me how I broke my tooth (which is fixed now) and I told her the story. She laughed at me so I decided to give it one more shot. Using your instructions and make shift duct tape balls (which are easy to make and strongly resemble real juggling balls which are $7-15 dollars a peice). It took me two days and now I can juggle quite well, even with shampoo bottles and beer cans. Thank you.

David Bernard

Thanks so much for your instructions on juggling. Has always been something I've always wanted to learn. 60 minutes or so and a dozen mushy apples later I find that it really isn't hard at all. I do throw a few across the room from time to time and have trouble keeping from throwing out away from my body but I'm having some nice juggling runs. Thanks again!

age 15

I could not believe how juggling just clicks, i did the first few steps never before quite knowing when to through the balls up and then i finally got it. i did i think it was the 2 or 3 step where i told you to just switch two balls to either hands and in that instant i had realised that i had just learned how to juggle, thankyou for making me a hit at parties and get togethers, juggling has changed my life!! i am trying to learn how to juggle clubs now, wish me luck i hope its just as easy im using this page as a reference!!

Mario Bédard
44 Years old(never to late to learn)
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Thanks to your simple instructions and the step by step animations, I finally got it . I could not figure out when and where to throw the third ball. Now that I know Ionly need practice and more practice . Thanks for your help.

Claire Hudson
15 years old

I had some juggling balls at home, and when I had a skills study day at school, the man told us that a good skill to take up is juggling while you are studying, as it makes the other half of your brain relaxed from all the studying, so that you are fresh to start working again. Lets hope it works. Anyway, its been great fun, am I glad I learnt. I am now known as the clown of the family.

age 15

Hey, I'm fifteen, and I've been juggling three balls for almost a year now. I can do three balls, and also three clubs, but four persisted to elude me. I got frustrated one day and eventually found this page via Yahoo. It really helped me, thanks.


It only took me a day before I started to get the hang of it. Now I can't stop!


I love to juggle, its so fun, and I'm impressing the ladies. Thanks for your site it really helped me to learn!

age 14

Thanx for the tips! I realized that my problem was that one hand was throwing higher than the other and i got to a mirror and worked it out. Thanx again!


Hello. My name is Andrew, and I used your instructions to learn to juggle. I had always wanted to, but never found anyone who could show me how. I found the site using google, and now can juggle quite well! And it only took me 3 days to learn. Again Thanks

Chelsea "CAL"
age 13

Thank you so much for the directions for juggling. I had tried it before with books and stuff but I never got very far. Now, thanks to your helpful yet simple instructions I can juggle 3 hacky-sacks through the first six lines of the song 99 Red Balloons by Nena without messing up once. I hope that is considered being able to juggle. I think it is. I'm gonna go perfect my new skill and then you bet I'm gonna go learn 4 ball juggling. Thanks again.

Liz K

"Hey, I am juggling" muah hah hah...

Daniel Wood

Hey thanks for those top instructions they were realy good. It took me 1 solid day to learn to do it, sutaining the ball exchanges is the hardest part, anyway thanks again. P.S. i'm gonna try 4 balls now


hay i started to learn to juggle when i was given some juggling balls. I looked around the web for some instructions then i found your they were so easy to fellow and after about a day i could juggle three balls about 4 or 5 cycles, now its about two weeks and i can juggle 3 balls for about 4 min if i try and i can do some tricks. i have justed started to juggle with 4 but it will be easy with your instructions. thanks.


thanx i no how to juggle now and love it


Hey great site i learned in like a day the 3 ball juggling method

Bob White, West Virginia

Your page really helped me juggle, and i'm the only person my friends and co-workers know who can juggle. I'm twice as appealing to women now. I would have sent a picture with this, but saw you didn't have anyone else's pictures up, so figured i wouldn't. Thanks for your help.

Andrew Viera

Thanks for teaching me how to juggle. I am now trying to do it on my foot. Again, thank you. My mom is really impressed. She keeps asking me where i learned to juggle.


I learned to juggle from your page!!!


I almost got it. Can you put me on the page? I am 12 Thanks!

jack hopkins

i am 12 y.o.ur will presented juggling help site 4 4 ball won me first place in my school talent show.(I ALSO USED MY CLUBS WHICH INPRESSED.N E WAY THANK BYE

Shyam Narasimhan

Hi Steve. I am juggling really well now with 3 balls. It sure feels good. Your instructions were fantastic. Thanks. I am writing so you could add me to your jugglers page.

megan boddy

i learned. Im still having difficulties but i just started today and i can do three balls for a lil while.


It helped me learn to juggle, now i am a professional juggler in Michigan!

david way

hey i learned to juggle from your site...pretty rad..didnt take me too long but im not that good yet..thanks heaps!

Tyson Rhoad

hey, i'm glad i found this page.. i taught myself with three balls.Now i've used ur page to move up to 4 and hopefully keep going. thanks


Im only 10 and i learnt to juggle with 3 balls on your website. Then my dad taught me some tricks. Just thought you could try putting some on your page. Anyway then i learned to juggle 4 balls from your site and ive almost mastered it. your guidlines and animations are so simple to follow.

RU Serious

Dude! thanks for the help. We have a little excess time at work (Night shift) and found that juggling is a real great way to pass the time. Currently we are trying to juggle rings between 2 people, this is much harder than you would first think!!! None of us know how to juggle and I am greatfull for your website ....later dude.....I'll let you know if all 5 of us learn to juggle :) Thanks for the pointers!


Hey, man. Thanks alot for these instructions. There very clear and easy to follow. Going by these instructions, I was juggling and impressing myself and others in no time. Thanks again.

Edmonton, Canada

Hey, I was trying to learn juglling for a long time, but never really learned it until I luckily found your site! Then it took me one more day and - all the sudden I started juggling. Thanks a lot!

Sam Clark
Perth, Western Australia

Excellent page, learnt to juggle 4 balls in a few hours - you make it too easy! I need more (juggling) balls so i can learn 5 now...


After searching for many websites on how to juggle I finally came to yours. The animations and clear instructions enabled me to master the art of juggling in about a half hour. Thank you for teaching me this lifelong skill in which I can astound my friends and family.


I learned how to juggle thanks to you!!!! thank you!!!!


yeah, im on my way. i thought itd take ages, but i got it really quik... good explaining. thx

James Lane
Marietta, Ga

You have helped me conquer the WORLD

Andrew Gentry

I learned how to juggle by using your website. I learned how to do it in an hour. Thanks

Prashanth Harish

have been juggling with 3 balls for quite some time & wanted to try with 4 balls. Following the instructions in your website I can now juugle with 4 balls. Thanks for providing a clear & step by step approach, which again shows that any complex activity can be achieved if broken down into simple tasks.

Johann Bellizzi
Malta, Europe

Thank you for your help Steve. I dress up as a clown. Joho the Clown and do Children's parties also I'm going to be a PE teacher next yr.

Mostafa Hussein

Your guide is incredibly helpful. Thanks alot. Its very addictive and joyfull to juggle.


hey it worked ive been jugglin three for halftime shows and talent shows now im at foure ready for fivr thanx


I was stumped how to juggle 4 balls before ur guide. However, thanx for the helpfull guide!!! I know can juggle 4 balls with relative ease!!! Thanks again!! :)


Hey! I am 13 years old and I learnt to juggle with the great instructions! I love the little animated graphics! It helped heaps! Everytime I go to a party people hand me three balls and ask me to juggle as entertainment! It's great fun, and people always ask me where I learnt how to! Guess what! I directed them straight to your site! Thanks again!

Hey your juggling tips helped me learn to jugle 3 balls in like 10 minutes and i learned 4 balls in the same day Thankyou.P.S. I can already juggle 3 balls on my unicycle too.

Paul Tadkcri

I lerned to Juggle in under an hour THX


hey thanks for teaching me how to juggle 3 balllss

Tom Harrup
Leicester, England

i leanrt how to juggle from balls from your guide on the internet. thankyou very much. i'm going for a juggleathon next year with my mate for children in need day and i hoping to do it for about 2 hours!!

tony (ice)

u tought me to juggle. thank u alot. its really cool... i started doin it one day adn muh frineds were liek woah i didnt kno u could do that! My sites www.rhombiz.com thanks again!


Hi; I am a student from Turkey/Ýstanbul and I've been juggling for 1,5 years. I can do quite increadible tricks with three balls. I can even lie down and still jugle without any extra effort. But it doesnt matter how much I try I could not juggle 4 balls. now thanks to your usefull teaching site I managed to create more than 7 new tricks in 2 weeks. I think I owe you one. :) thank you.

J. Kavanagh

i learned to juggle three balls from your page, steve, and i am working on four at the moment. great instructions!!

New Zealand

I received four juggling balls earlier this year. Got them out last week and decided it would be cool to be able to juggle. Found this webpage. Followed the first steps for a 4 ball juggle, and after a few days of practise I just tried a proper 3 ball juggle and it worked...amazingly easy with a bit of practise and patience...

Johan Geisler
13 years old

Hello! I learnd juggling with 4 ball yesterday, I learnd it from your page! It´s a really good page! I can also juggling 3 balls!

mackenzie barra

hey thanks for teaching me to juggle


hey thanks your directions are awesome.. the animated graphics a lot better than just confusing words.. it would be really cool if you could put up other 3 ball combos :) thanks again.


i tought myself sort of but you help out so thanks

Gabrielle Penn

Hiya! Whoa! I can juggle three balls! Thanks for the great animated instructions :)

Paul Quinn

just to say thanks to your cracking instructions I can now juggle four balls (not to well just yet) after starting to learn to juggle in 97. I mastered three after loads of practice but could never get the hang of four and ended up giving up in frustration. Today feeling a tad stressed I decided to juggle, then wondered about four balls found your site had a go and here I am (well happy), So thanks again

Dav Spikes
13 years old
Tasmania, Australia

Thanks to this page I, Dav Spikes, am juggling in front of friends and family. Thanks alot


I'm learning to juggle


I've always wanted to learn to juggle and with your site it only took me a couple of hours. Thank you for your help,


I can do it

Harry Baung

Hi. I actually learned to juggle 3 balls from your terrific animated website instructions! I tried using two different type of beanbags -- one is a rubber-covered stress-relief gripball, which is heavy for its size, but I ended up favoring using relatively light hackeysacks because they collected a lot less dust when they land on the pavement (besides, I can play hackysack with my feet when I want to take a break from juggling). So far I can't keep 3 ball juggling for more than say 5 or 6 "cycles" but I am going to attempt your 4 ball juggling anyway and am presently working on 2 ball juggling with each hand... Thanks so much! I really enjoyed suddenly being able to juggle 3 balls for the first time in my life! At my age, I can't say I experience too many "firsts" in my life at this point. It really brought a smile to my face.


Hey, I read and watched the words and animation on your page and it helped my inprove my juggling. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks,

Brad B

I almost had 4 balls, but was always throwing left and right hand up at the same time. With the help of your instructions I am now doing multiple flashes of the last step in your instructions, which is the one that looks the best.

Chingiz Aitkulov

Hi there! I've just learned to juggle with 3 balls! Thanx a lot!


I can juggle - 4 balls thanks!

Mike Solof

Thanks it was very helpful. My name is Mike Solof


Well thanks to your website being listed in a search i set out i have been able to learn how to juggle with 3 balls, always fancied learning yet now with your assistance via your site i am juggling....looking to try 4 balls soon, i may just really perfect 3 at the moment

Jonathan Dietz

Hey thanks for teaching my how to juggle. All of a sudden i started to do it. Thanks again.

James Cosby

My name is James Cosby and I learned to juggle three balls from the instructions on your web site and then sent the instructions to a friend of mine who wanted to learn how to juggle.

Joseph Wade

My name is Joseph Wade and I am a high school senior. I purchased a set of juggling balls on a trip I just took and wasn't exactly sure how to do it. Thank you for teaching me the correct way. I am going to give a workshop at my school for young children and teach them what you taught me. Thanks again.

Georgia, USA

Hi my name is Brittany and i am 14 years old and i learned to juggle in about 3 days but it took me 4 to get to 13 catches, your instructions were very easy to follow and the animations helped alot thanks, i am working on getting to 30 catches..

Scott Brewster

thanks man ur site helped

Juan Garcia

Yes it is easy with your instructions, so im try from my self, and have only 4 or 6 pass to any hand, with your instruction on juggle I make more and my confidence increase. Thanks


Hey, I learned to juggle from your page.

Iain Rodger

My name is Iain Rodger and i've learned to juggle using your instructions, thanx very much.


Hey! Your lessons on 4 ball juggling really helped me! I had tried to learn to juggle 4 balls ever since i taught myself to juggle with 3! when i found your site i realised that i had been doing 4 ball juggling right all along! but it still helped me! i still have to master it but i will keep practising! do you do lessons on how to juggle with 5 balls? if not could you send me some tips please? thanx sooo much'


Cheers mate, i learned 2 juggle in half an hour thanks to your site

Stephen Duvick

your directions are great. THANK YOU!

Ryan "Woodchuck" Kuntz

My name is Ryan "Woodchuck" Kuntz. Myself and my buddy Dave learned juggling today, thanks to you.


thanks for your tips on how to juggle 4 balls. i found them easy to learn from and now i can do it perfect. thanks once again

Siegfried Minten

Yea I got the 3 ball thing down... now lets go for the 4 ball juggle :)


hi thanx for your extremley helpful tips and pointers on how to juggle thanks to you i have a new skill and party trick

Kyle Slaymaker
14 years old

Thank you for posting these lessons up I am fourteen years old and have been trying to do this and your instructions really taught me to do it. thank you.

Harold Laski

I took your advise and am now able to juggle. I knew the sequence for 3 balls but always seems to lose control. Once I read your advise about putting a spot on the balls and making sure that they don't spin I was much better able to control them. Now I am working with plastic clubs. I've got the sequence here (same as the balls) but the clubs seem to bump into each other. Occasionally I can get a good series of juggles without losing the club. I'll keep on practising. I'm not ready for chain saw juggling yet!!

14 years old

my name is brandon and i'm 14. I learned how to juggle from looking at your page. I learned in 2 days just because I slacked off on the 1st, :). Those animations helped out a whole bunch. thanks.

Austin Fogerty

Thank you Steve! I allways tried juggling but never quite knew how. Your page took me from dropping the balls to juggling in 30 minutes! Thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to create a page to teach others. It is very well done, especially with the moving pictures.

Dave Hayes

Yup i learnt to juggle from your great instrution, You see i have a friend @ college who can juggle 9 balls, ive always said to myself someday ill learn to juggle. So i did thx to you


Rock on thanx allot-----

Lorne Kinsella

Thanks for the help.

Hannah Barrett

Thanx so much! u have taught me to juggle! Now can u let me know of some tricks for me to try. Thanx again,

Iain from PA

thanks, Ialways knew how 2 juggle 3 balls but i always wanted to juggle 4. Your illistrations and patterns helped me. It only took one week 2 learn 2 juggle 4 balls.
Thanx again


Hi, I used your site to aid me with juggling 4. Cheers


i learned to juggle in less than a week using these instructions.im 13 years old and im now working on 4 ball juggling.


thanx................i've learned to juggle 3 balls in one night thanks to your web page. my mate reckoned i wouldn't be able to learn in 2 weeks. keep up the good work.................

Cody Childress

Thank you for teaching me to juggle, I have wanted to juggle for a long time. I learned very quick with your site i am very good now and im glad I found this site.

Wo Dennis

Yes your website helped me to learn to juggle 4 balls. I had been juggling 3 balls for sometime now. But, it was about time to step it up a notch. And, your website did the trip. I am pretty good at the column way but now I am trying to get the circular way...a little more difficult for me...but I will keep trying. Thanks

Ivor Biggun

I am now learn to juggling. my name Ivor Biggun. thank you

15 years old

Hi, my name is katy and your instructions helped me a lot. I am still not very good, but I did it 15 times once :) I am 15 so I guess it works out. Thanks so much, the graphics really helped.

Peter Hill
Vernon BC

I am able to juggle four balls now. Thanx a lot!!!!

Amy Hutcherson

I'm am in a play in 2 weeks and the director wanted someone to juggle for the opening. With your instructions, I learned how in one weekend. Thanks a lot!

Claudia Catalano

I learned to juggle from your site and I am so psyched!!! I can't wait to go to work tomorrow and show off! Thanks for making me feel great! The instructions were very easy to follow and helped a lot.

John Heirigs
12 years old
United States

I just recently learned to juggle four. I had known how to juggle three for about a year, and I showed my talents off at school. Now that I can do four, I'm sure they'll be asking me to teach them! I'm only 12, and with your helpful steps I learned to juggle 4 the first time I tried! Thanx

36 years old

I learned to juggle 4 using your instructions, sorta.
I started with steps 1, 2, & 3. But I went straight to the final step after I put it all down for about a month. I knelt down, my position for trying new tricks so I don't hafta always bend over to pick up, cleared my head of the idea of failure, and did it off the bat! Not the 4 columns, but two circular patterns, asynchronous! Your animations and the testimonials were great support!

Rich Musser

I learned how to juggle three balls using you method.

Sean Jansen
Virginia, USA

Thank you for helping me learn to juggle. We had to learn to make the tennis team and I learned in 4 days. It was a big help.

18 years old
Brisbane, Australia

Hi, My names Stuart. I'm 18 and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I was taught to juggle three balls by a friend and then taught myself to juggle four, but I wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly because the balls weren't changing hands. I discovered your site and found that I was right. I'm now juggling with two balls and machete (sounds pretty cool hey) and I'm hoping to learn five soon. Thanks. Cya Stu

Kaija Kaasinen
11 years old

I really learnt to juggle with your advice! I'm 11 years and I'm from Finland. It was MUCH more simpler than I thought.

Eric Snyder

i learned the way you showed it, then I looked at your site. It's a great site. I cannot go more than two throws and catches with each ball and that takes me about 4-5 tries to get but I'll keep at it.
Thanks for the great site!

21 years old

I wanted to thank you for the illustrations and the written instructions. They both helped me tremendously. Thanks to your site.....I can juggle with 4 balls. It took me about an hour. I'm now looking to go to 5 and 6 soon. Thanks again and God Bless

15 years old

Thanks man. For some time I've been trying to learn how to juggle. I never knew the exact formation of what to do. But after a good day or two of practice I am juggling really good. I'm only 15 and I juggle almost as good as Penn from Penn and Teller now.

11 years old

Hi i am 11 and i wanted to learn to jungle so i came her and it worked i learned.

deepak yadav

thanks for some nice instructions. i learned from scratch to 3 potatoes juggling. now doing it with paper balls is much more fun (they just stop in hands) . hope to learn 4 potatoes juggling soon.

19 years
The Netherlands

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for your instructions. They were great, they helped me a lot! Now i can juggle with 4 balls!! It took pretty long for me to learn it. My left hand was the big problem. Normally i use my right hand for everything i do, so my left hand was underdeveloped in that way. Juggling with 3 balls was pretty easy though, i learned it in one night. But with 4 balls i had to use my left hand more. I used your instructions to improve my left hand, it worked! Now i am addicted to jugle, i am determined to learn juggling with 5 :)
Thank you very much,

Jeff Laurin

Hey man your directions taught me how to juggle 4 balls. The animations make it really clear. My name is Jeff, I'm a chef who learned to juggle lemons from a co-worker and now, while quitting smoking, I'm juggling to keep my hands occupied!

14 years

Hi, i'm 14 years old and live in ashton(near manchester) in england. Pretty recently i was just browsing the net and found ur page. Thanks to it i can now juggle, 3 balls & 5balls. And i am now learning clubs! Juggling is so much fun, it's the best thing i have ever got out of the internet! THANX!

Christie Bredenoord

Hi, I learned to juggle from your great instructions. Me and my sister enjoyed ourselves learning juggling on our holiday in Spain. All the people in our holiday park where watching us throwing the balls all over the place. But at the and off the week we did a pretty good job. Thank you. Greetings from Holland.

tom (aka kaibutsu)

Thanks for the how-to page on 4-ball juggling: I've been working from it for about a month, working on the two-in-one-hand throws, mostly, and only just this week have started trying in earnest to get the four ball pattern down. Been at it about three days, and I'm up to 26 catches! Thanks again for the info.

Mike Cruz
15 years

I didn't really try and learn until my friend came over with homework to learn to juggle 3. He said "learn to do something you can't do so I don't feel so stupid." He learned to do 3 that night pretty fluently and I can now do 4 almost as well as I can do 3 after only 1 night! Thanks. I love the animations.

Erlend Reitan


I successfully accomplished learning 4-ball juggling, partially with help from your page. 
Thanks :-)
Cold wishes from Norway


Well I have to thank you for making a great page. It along with the animations where I great help and after a good 3 days of practicing I am able to juggle quite well. It impressive how fast and effectivly I learned from you site.
Thanks alot...

Dean Lillystone
15 years

I learned to juggle four balls using your very helpful, self explanatory instructions, I am very pleased with myself now. I now juggle when I have any spare time.

Oslo, Norway

Congratulations on a very nice and very informative page. I finally learned the four-balls-juggling, after struggling with it for i-don't-know-how-long. I learned the fourballs in no time, thanks to these excellent instructions! And the graphics are great, they show everything so clearly, that no live teacher could do it better! Keep up the good work, you've already helped one girl one step closer to her dream: becoming a clown.... Thanks again! 

Richard Beauregard

Getting the 4 ball - I hope you will enjoy a progress report from a busy old but avid student of your animated lessons. I think it has been over a month since I emailed to thank you for your creative and helpful pages.I have practiced amost daily and am now doing flashes of 6 to 12 per attempt. thanks dick

Daniel Carrie


Larisa E Blair
St. Andrews Presbyterian College


Peter Dichiera
30 years old
Adelaide, Australia

Learnt in 1 hour.
Great instructions

13 years

I learned to juggle four balls from your instructions.

Lars Barstad
22 years ols
Grimstad, Norway

I learned how to juggle from your instructions in a few hours. Cool! :)

Neill & Nick
North Carolina, USA

I learned to juggle.
Your page helped a lot.

Greg Huber
21 years old
Grand Forks, North Dakota

I learned to juggle 4 balls. Thanks a lot, you're doing a cool service to people with too much time!!

Colin Davis
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

I have learned 4 ball juggling now. Your instructions and practice drills are fantastic


I've been Juggling since I was twelve, but never quite got the idea behind juggling more than three balls. I visited your website and some intense curiosity arouse when I seen you had a section to be taught how to juggle 4 balls at once. The instructions were so easy to follow that I began juggling four balls immediately. Thanks a ton for all your hard work and dedication to your site so this 31 year old man could learn a new trick!!!!

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