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Why do we need a new 51st state?

It has become painfully clear that the constitution and laws of New York no longer serve the interests of the people living Upstate.  All one has to do is just look around for the all too obvious signs of decline and decay.  While the financial centers and institutions of downstate are thriving, both agriculture and manufacturing (activities carried on Upstate) are in very, very serious trouble.

While Upstate needs immediate and decisive action to stop this decline, it has neither the support of downstate politicians nor the political power to do so.  Both houses of the New York State legislature are controlled by downstate voters, because the population in New York is concentrated downstate.  It leaves those of us in Upstate, however, helpless to prevent our own demise.

Further, the New York State legislature has demonstrated repeatedly that it is a "politically bankrupt" institution. That is, it doesn't give a damn or have a clue on to how to solve the problems of Upstate. Examples of it's 'bankrupt' ideas:

1) Albany stills believes it can spend its way to prosperity

2) Albany needs to drain more out of Upstate by turning its expressways into toll roads.

Friends,  please join us in an effort to create a free and independent Upstate New York.  It's time for us to realize,  we must become masters of our own destiny.  Working together we could create a New state with a New constitution where social responsibility is just as important as individual rights.  Further, this new (51st) state will be in a position to focus on the problems that WE have;  problems,  that are totally different than our downstate brethren.

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Declaration of Independence
Data Showing How Bad the Situation is Upstate
Failure of Constitution and laws
Frequently Asked Questions
Agenda for the 51st State

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