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Upstate New York

We believe there is just overwhelming evidence to support the notion that Upstate needs to form a new (51st) state with a new constitution and new body of laws. We have so many problems, yet so little political power that our ability to "fix", what no longer works for us, is simply nonexistent.

Now, we recognize that it's far too easy to blame all our problems on others. Besides being "easy", it's unfair as well. We have made mistakes, and lots of them! The problem is, that under the current government, we have absolutely no chance of "fixing" what's broken.

Now, many of you have discussed issues that are symptoms of our problems, like high taxes, lack of "decent" jobs, confusing over-lapping local governments, etc. Clearly, we need a government focused on changing not only the symptoms, but rather the root causes. Failure to do so will only guarantee continued decline.

Let's briefly take a look at some of those "root causes":

1. 61 senators and 150 assemblymen -- way too big and way too much! Besides the cost of themselves and their staff, what do they do? Well ... they concoct laws to regulate all facets of our lives. There probably was a time when the state was prospering and growing, and needed a large government to manage all the problems that came with that growth. But do we really need such a massive government to manage our decline? Along the same lines, are we getting anything in return for their 38% pay raise?

2. Welfare -- Even West Virginia will get true welfare reform, but will we? Nooo, sadly the downstate political machine resists any attempts to institute meaningful welfare reform. So we are saddled with a terribly expensive, inefficient system that must be funded with local $'s.

3. Education -- We need to alter the system so that "students" who have no interest in leaning are no longer able to "steal" an education from those who truly want one. Allowing gang members to flout authority and assault other students and teachers must be stopped.

4. Local governments -- What can we say? What a mess! Let's (with a new constitution) begin to concentrate power in our county governments. After all, they are taxing authorities and at the same time enormous service providers. With a concentration of power, they could force the consolidation of lower level governments.

5. Juvenile Justice system -- What justice? And what a system!! Not a gang member out there worries about the penalties he'll face in our juvenile justice system. There is no deterrent. There is no justice. And consequently, the criminal activity committed by youths is steadily increasing.

Does anyone really believe we can "evolve" our way out of this??

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