Navajo Nation Streamgaging

2019 High Flow Run-off at Whiskey Creek and Captain Tom Wash:

Basic Streamgaging Facts:

Navajo Nation Water Management Branch Hydrologic Technicians complies with U. S. Geological Survey stream-flow measurement guidelines and procedures. U.S. Geological Survey has also designed a special field manual, Field Manual for the Collection of Navajo Nation Streamflow-Gage Data, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining stream-flow gaging stations. New and experienced hydrological technicians utilize manual to select new stream-gaging stations and it also aids in selecting the right equipment to set-up at newly established sites.
Currently, there are a combination of nine perennial and ephemeral streamflow-gaging stations being operated, maintained and monitored by Navajo Nation. Each month, technicians visit and measure streamflow at all gaging stations. Essential field equipment and supplies used in conducting stream-flow measurements includes, cloth tape (50 feet), flowmeters (flow tracker, AquaCalc, Price pygmy meter(low flows), Price AA meter(high flows), spare batteries, waders, laptop (to download information), thermometers and pencils.

Images of Streamflow Gages:

ASSAYI CREEK-Perennial (pressure-transducer with CR1000 datalogger)

BLACK CREEK-Ephemeral (float-driven stilling well with A-71 Recorder)

CAPTAIN TOM WASH-Ephemeral (float-driven stilling well with CR1000 datalogger)

CHINLE CREEK-Ephemeral (float-driven stilling well with A-71 Recorder)

KINLICHEE WASH-Perennial (pressure-transducer with CR1000 datalogger)

LUKACHUKAI CREEK-Perennial (float-driven stilling well with A-71 Recorder)

TSAILE CREEK-Perennial (pressure-transducer with CR1000 datalogger)

WHEATFIELDS CREEK-Perennial (pressure-transducer with CR1000 datalogger)

WHISKEY CREEK-Perennial (pressure-transducer with CR1000 datalogger)

Specific Data Request can be made to:

Please inform us of what the data will be used for and what areas you are interested in. We do ask that you provide us with a copy of report when your project is complete. This report will be added to our library for future use.

CONSULTANTS: Data provided by the Navajo Nation is Federally funded, therefore data obtained should not be charged back to client as part of the services provided.