To protect and manage the water resources of the Navajo Nation through development, reviewing and enforcement of sound water management, regulation, and planning policies. Support of the Navajo Nation Water Code, the monitoring and inventory of all water resources data, and technical support to the Navajo Nation on water rights litigation and negotiations.


To monitor the Navajo Nationís water resources, protecting its water rights, restore its watersheds and managing its water resources. Water Management Branch develops water management policies, analyzes and describes the Nationís water use and demand, identifies water infrastructure deficiencies, and develops long-term water resource plans for municipal and non-municipal (irrigation, livestock, and industrial) uses.

The Navajo Nation is providing new safe water sources for in-home use to residents living in homes with no piped water during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

Navajo Safe Water: Protecting You and Your Family's Health

This website describes how people without piped water in their homes can gain
access to water from safe sources. This website provides information on water
point locations, operating hours, and contact information. There is also information
provided that will explain the importance of accessing and hauling your drinking
and cooking water from safe water points.

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Mailing Address:

Department Water Resources
Water Management Branch
PO Box 678
Fort Defiance, Arizona 86504

Physical Address:

Navajo Rt. 12, NTUA Rd., Bldg. 2793
Fort Defiance, AZ 86504
Phone: (928) 729-4003
Fax: (928) 729-4029

Current Articles, Topics and Events:

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State Of Emergency-Drought Declaration

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Total Navajo domestic water use is approximately 12,000 acre-feet annually. Forty percent of the Navajo Nation households haul water for domestic use. Navajo per capita water use on the reservation ranges from 10 gallons per day for water haulers to 100 gallons per day for those living in larger communities and have running water. Most non-Navajo communities in the region use more than 200 gallons per day. Approximately 20,000 acres of small Navajo farms use approximately 100,000 acre-feet of water annually. This acreage does not include historically irrigated lands. The Navajo Indian Irrigation Project irrigates approximately 60,000 acres and diverts approximately 206,000 acre-feet per year. When completed, it will irrigate 110,630 acres of land and divert 508,000 acre-feet per year. The estimated 300,000 permitted animal units obtain water from approximately 900 windmills and 7,000 stock ponds across the Navajo Nation. Industrial and mining water use in the region is approximately 75,000 acre-feet per year. In Black Mesa, Arizona, the Peabody Coal Company uses approximately 4,500 acre-feet annually.

Note: 1 acre-feet equals 325,851 gallons