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GOALS: To protect and manage the water resources of the Navajo Nation through development, reviewing and enforcement of sound water management, regulation, and planning policies. Support of the Navajo Nation Water Code, the monitoring and inventory of all water resources data, and technical support to the Navajo Nation on water rights litigation and negotiations.

Water Management Branchís responsibilities are to monitor the Navajo Nationís water resources, protecting its water rights, restore its watersheds and managing its water resources. The Branch has a staff of 20+ employees.   The Branch develops water management policies, analyzes and describes the Nationís water use and demand, identifies water infrastructure deficiencies, and develops long-term water resource plans for municipal and non-municipal (irrigation, livestock, and industrial) uses.

Current Postings:

Navajo Nation Water Strategy Document

Navajo Nation Drought Contingency Plan

NGWSP Conjunctive ground water plan 2010

NN Drought Emergency Declaration July 2012

2013 NN Fire restriction

NN Drought Emergency Declaration July 2013

CEM_18_02_29 State of emergency Drought Declaration

Hogback Canal Contingency Water Supply Study