Tandy Color Computer 3
Quality Refurbished Units!

Here's your opportunity to buy the best 8-bit microcomputer ever made, the Tandy Color Computer 3!

We are offering quality, refurbished units at a fraction of the cost of their original price. These refurbished units are thoroughly tested and go through a 24 hour burn-in period to insure that they are working properly.

If you already own a CoCo 3, this is the perfect time to buy an extra one. If you used to own a CoCo, but don't anymore, pick up one of our CoCo 3s and re-experience what you've been missing. And for those who are just curious about the Color Computer, here's the best chance to get one.

Standard Features

  • Tandy's best and last Color Computer
  • Built on the impressive Motorola 68B09E microprocessor
  • Comes with 128K of RAM, expandable to 512K and beyond
  • To increase memory size from 128K. Add the 512k memory upgrade from our hardware page.
Tandy Color Computer 3 Specifications
Feature Description
Microprocessor Motorola 8/16 bit 68B09E
Clock Speed 0.89MHz and 1.78MHz
Memory 128K of RAM, 32K of ROM
Text 32x16, 40x24 and 80x24 hardware text screens
Graphics Resolutions 128x192, 256x192, 320x192, 640x192
Colors 16 simultaneous colors from a 64 color palette
Built-In Language Microsoft Extended Color BASIC with enhancements by Microware
Ports 2 joystick, 1 serial, 1 cassette, 40 pin bus expansion interface

Tandy Color Computer 3 (refurbished and tested), white case will little to no yellowing (Grade A). Contact Us
Tandy Color Computer 3 with 128K (refurbished and tested), yellowing noticable on the keyboard and or case, slight case defects possible(Grade B). Contact Us

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