Cables & Adapters
Get Your CoCo Connected

Cloud-9 offers a variety of cables, connectors and adapters to hook up your hardware goodies to your CoCo. Quality cables and adapters insure that your Color Computer hardware is connected optimally to your system.

DriveWire Serial Cable

  • 10' length
  • 4 pin DIN to connect to the CoCo's bitbanger port
  • DB-9 Female to connect to a serial server port

Floppy Cable

  • 48" length, grey in color
  • 34-conductor flat ribbon cable with 34 pin card edge connectors on both ends, 4"Center to Center.
  • Additional 34 pin card edge connector for second drive

25 pin / 50 pin SCSI Cable Adapter

  • Adapts 25 pin dual row male connector to standard 50-conductor flat ribbon cable
  • Required to adapt IOMega SCSI ZIP drives to the TC^3 SCSI controller

Cassette Cable

  • Connects a cassette recorder to the Color Computer's CASSETTE jack
  • Has three jacks for earphone, microphone, and remote


DriveWire Serial Cable $20 +s/h
Floppy Cable $24 + s/h
25 pin / 50 pin SCSI Adapter $12 + s/h
Cassette Cable $24 + s/h

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