CoCo3 RGB/SCART/HDMI Adapter Package




With Cloud-9's CoCo3 RGB/SCART/HDMI Adapter package you receive a turn key package with all the components to connect a CoCo3 to a modern HDMI monitor. SCART cable has a PCB design for enhanced performance and life. Simply plug the SCART video adapter cable into the 10-pin RGB monitor and composite output of your CoCo 3, and connect it the HDMI adapter and monitor. CoCo3 and HDMI Monitor is not included in the package.


  • Package includes all parts except CoCo3 and HDMI monitor
  • PCB modular design
  • Only requires one AC outlet / Power Adapter
  • Professional SCART cable
  • Easy to install
  • One stop shopping for all you CoCo needs!





CoCo3 RGB/SCART/HDMI Adapter Package

$90 + s/h

CoCo3 RGB/SCART Cable Only

$45 + s/h



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