Hitachi 63x09E

Speed, Power and Performance

The Hitachi 63x09E is a direct pin-for-pin replacement for the 6809E found in all Color Computers. Besides being a CMOS chip, which runs much cooler than the 6809E, the Hitachi 63x09E also contains an enhanced instruction set and additional CPU registers that bring significant performance beyond what a 6809 can provide.

When ordering your 63x09E, consider adding the Pro-Tector+ to your order. It will insure that your CPU is given added protection from bus spikes (soldering required).

Standard Features

  • 100% compatible with all Color Computers
  • Low power CMOS chip runs much cooler than the 6809E
  • Extends the 6809 instruction set with powerful instructions
Installation Is Necessary

Virtually all Color Computers have their 6809 CPU soldered to the motherboard. Therefore, desoldering the CPU is necessary. If you are in doubt as to your ability to accomplish this, then do not attempt the procedure. It is very delicate and can damage your CoCo motherboard if you aren't careful. Cloud-9 can do this for you for a reasonable fee.

Hitachi 63C09E Specifications
Package 40 pin plastic DIP
Supported Computers All Color Computers can use the 63x09E, although software must be written to take advantage of specific instructions and registers of the 6309

63x09E CPU (Tested) $16 + s/h
63x09E CPU bundled with the Pro-Tector+ $41 + s/h

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