TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgrade
Super Cool, Fast and Low-Power Memory For Your CoCo 3

The TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgrade is Cloud-9's revolutionary memory board for the CoCo 3! It runs 90% cooler than other 512K upgrades, uses 1/20th of the power and it's also half the size! The CoCo's over taxed power supply GREATLY appreciates the power reduction after working hard for 20+ years. Just when you thought your CoCo 3 couldn't get any COOLER, it now REALLY is!!! Get your TRIAD today!

Standard Features

  • 512K of Low Power, Cool Running SRAM
  • Neatly Packaged in a Small Footprint
  • Includes installation manual and schematic package
  • RS-DOS Memory Test Program supplied on 5 1/4" disk

TRIAD 512K  SRAM Upgrade Specifications

TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgrade
Static RAM
Supported Computers
Tandy Color Computer 3

TRIAD 512K SRAM Upgrade
$50 + s/h
512K SIMM Upgrade (while current stock lasts) $30 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!
512K SIMM Upgrade Kit (while current stock lasts) $20 + s/h  !SOLD OUT!

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