October in Norwich, NY
October 25, 2005
We got snow!!
The morning gave us a bit of snow.  More was predicted, so we cancelled driving plans.
That was a good thing! 
There were many accidents, and with the exceptionally heavy snow, branches began to come down.
This branch missed the riding lawn mower (looks like a little house under its tarp).
Normally, you cannot see the buildings through the virbernum in the foreground.
We got about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow.

On the clothesline are two juncos.  There's a woodpecker on the suet.
The power went off around 4PM.
We spent the evening in candlelight doing word games.
We were awakened at 2:15 when the power came back on.
Unfortunately, the power went off the next morning.  D had wisely showered and done the dishes.
I was not so wise, and I had to go to town to shower before school.
The joys of country living.

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Published 10/25/05
Photos by Leslie or David

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