Southern Tragedy

Kenneth Cauthen

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Addendum: May 9, 2009
While I think there is truth in the original version that follows, I have concluded that  sometimes people vote their values, iand in recent decades many Southern Whites find the Replublican Party closer to their social and cultural  values and therefore vote that way.  This may occur esepcially when  their economic status is relatively satisfactory or they don't  believe government will do much about it anyway.  The original version follows:

Many years ago Lilliam Smith in Killers of the Dream (1949) outlined an imaginary bargain made between rich white Southerners and poor whites. It had painful truth in it. I offer an updated version for 2004.

Old Bargain, according to Lillian Smith: Rich whites say we will make the money and run things; you poor whites can feel superior to blacks. You will be poor but not as poor as blacks, and we will keep them out of schools, churches, and garden clubs, and we will go easy on the lynching thing. Deal?

New Bargain, according to Ken Cauthen: Republicans say we will make the money and run things. For you working people we will support prayer in schools, keep Ten Commandments in court houses, oppose sodomy, abortion, and gay rights, and maybe(if business interests do not compel us otherwise) keep the Confederate flag flying on state capitols. We won’t raise your wages, see that you have health care and child care when both parents have to work, but you can join the volunteer army  and get the rewards of being patriotic while the  children of the rich stay home and get MBA’s. But you will have to fight wars oversees to kill Muslims (check with Jerry Falwell and  Lt. Gen. William Boykin on that), protect our business interests, and destroy countries so we can give fat contracts to rebuild them to Halliburton and Bechtel who will give us lots of money so we can stay in office and fight for your old-fashioned values. Deal?

The tragedy is that poor and working-class whites fell for both deals. The explanation is complex but lies not primarily in the lack of rational capacity to discern self-interest.  However, rationality operates within a culturally relative perspective. So we have to find a clue, at least in part, in the demonic power of racism and other factors related to their long cultural past so powerful that they were tragically unable to act effectively to secure their own best interests or to discern and act on the deeper implications of their own religious faith.

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