My SteppIR Build


I was using a 6 element log periodic by Tennadynefor the last ten years.  In the fall of 08 I decided to put up a 3 Element SteppIR.  Back order time was about 8 weeks.  It arrived in 2 boxes.  I spent the first week reading the instructions and checking all the parts.  I assembled the boom and the elements in my garage.  Make sure you assemble the antenna on the ground, connect the control box, and test operate it to ensure the elements are extending and retracting correctly.   I do not like climbing towers and then trying to haul the antenna to the top was not my cup of tea.  I checked the local equipment rental store and they had 40 and 50 foot lifts at a reasonable cost.  We installed the boom on the mast first and then took the elements up one by one.  The install was easy and took about 4 hours.

So far the SteppIR has been a great antenna