Welcome TO the ham shack

of kz6zz


Ham Radio

Hello and thanks for stopping by the shack .  The equipment here at the QTH is:

Radio :      Kemwood TS-990

Amp:        Tokyo Hi-Power H L-1.5KFX

Antenna:  SteppIR 3 Element (40 thru 6)

Software:   HRD 6.0 & DM-780

Interface:  USB Cable

2M SSB:   Icom IC-275

2M Ant:     M2 9 Element

Tube Rig:  Drake TR-4C with RV-4C

I got interested in ham radio when I was stationed on the island of Guam while serving in the Navy in 1972.  I was issued the call sign of WA6OYU.  The sun spot cycle was at its peek and sometimes it was hard to get off the radio being a portable /KG6 in those days, now it is KH2.  I keep this call until the mid 1980’s when I applied for a new call, because I retired from the Navy and was issued KI4VP.  But as work goes, I had to move to California and in 1998 I thought I was there to stay.  I applied for a “6” call and got KZ6ZZ.  It was 3 years later I got the call to startup a new power plant located in Jackson, Michigan.  I am here to stay and I am not changing my call.  I am still a Drake Radio fan.  Here is some information about putting up my SteppIR antenna.