Indiana's coolest guy has a very cool Veriflex eye surgery

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June 25, 1994

I actually had Verisyse lenses implanted into my eyes...

I wanted to add a few other tid-bits to the site as well, because I have been getting some questions:

1. I had to take eye drops for about a month after the surgery to keep the iris color (my eyes are blue) off of the lens. This was one of the most shocking pieces of information I got during the entire process.
2. Yes, I was awake during the surgery. They were talking to me and I was fully aware (I just couldn't see).
3. I walked out the doors within about 1 hour after the surgery.
4. These doctor's are elite specialist in eye care such as cataracts, retinal problem, LASIK, etc.
5. I received a card for each eye detailing the model, diopter, and serial number of the lens that I should carry with me.
6. I had my 3 month check-up and my vision was between 20/12 and 20/16 in both eyes!!!
7. We just took a little vacation and spent a lot of time in the water. It was the 1st time in my life I didn't have to worry about losing/breaking my glasses or even losing a contact!!!!

You can watch a video of the surgery or view after surgery pictures below showing the lens in my eye

I have been almost blind since about 5th grade (approx -850, I couldn't read the big "E"). Let me tell you, it was really tough being cool with coke bottle bottom glasses growing up.

I have been considering having LASIK surgery for at least 10 years now, and finally decided to really look into having it done. I had always wondered if I would even be eligible for LASIK because my eyesight was so bad. Well, I was at my optometrist and asked him for a referral. He recommended Price Vision Group. I scheduled an appointment and went to talk with them. After several test, I was sat down with one of the doctors to discuss the findings.

Turns out, I wasn't eligible for LASIK. My eyesight is too poor and my cornea was too thin for them to correct my vision. That's when they mentioned that I may be eligible for a study group where they would actually implant lenses into my eyes!!! After they woke me up from passing out, they explained that they are currently performing a study to get the Veriflex lens approved for use thru the FDA.

Currently the Verisyse lens is approved and available to the public for use. The difference between the 2 lenses? The Veriflex lens is very similar the the Verisyse lens, but it is my understanding that the Veriflex is actually folded and inserted into the eye via a much smaller incision in the eye, thus is a much less invasive surgery.

Here is a picture of the lens actually on the eye:

This shows how the lens actually "clips" to the iris

New Images

So yes, I agreed to have them slice up my eyes. Don't think I took this decision lightly! You need to understand the vision problems I have dealt with since I was a child. Without contacts or glasses I was essentially blind. What would I do in a case like Hurricane Katrina and I lost my contacts or broke my glasses? I have now fully recovered from the surgery and I love the results!!! (That's why there is now a page on my site devoted just to the surgery)

For anyone considering having it done, I would be happy to discuss my experience with you. I did freak out a little after the first eye was done because they had to use stitches to seal the incision and the stitches pulled on the eye and adjusted it's shape causing me to have astigmatism. Thus I still wasn't able to see clearly until the stitches were removed. I now am able to read at 20/10 in my right eye, and my left eye is about 20/40, but still has stitches in it. The stitches will disintegrate and my eyesight should continue to improve. UPDATE- I am now seeing great out of both eyes. the stitches are no longer an issue, even without being removed.

I can't thank all the experts at Price Vision Group enough!!! You have all been a great pleasure to deal with and have given me one of the coolest gifts of my life.THANK YOU!