this happened before it will happen again and there scared cause they know that well put up a fight every chance we get we must not give in we can not forget cause it happened before and its happening again come together and i know that well win put up a fight every chance that we get i will not give in i will not forget never again will this happen to me its something i just thought never could be let me fall when i was in need i thought you were my friend thats what you said you would be


i lent my hand you stabbed me in the back ask for my hand and this time i take it back do for others what i want done to me no other way the way ill always be til the day i die i wont change my ways i will stay the same taking advantage of me is all you do dont fucking see you play the fool now the time has come i cant take no more time has come i cant take no more time has come for me to settle the score i wont take no more i will settle the score


no need to prove myself for you and your friends theres no need i am who i am wont get down with your crew cause im not like you but theres one thing ive got to know cause theres to much blood on the floor how can you act this way not caring for life not anything cause theres no need to prove myself theres no need i am who i am and i wont get down with my crew cause in not like you


nows the time make this right take a stand put up a fight speak out free your mind before you lose all your time wake up 2X-realize the truth theres something that you can do wake up realize the truth this world was made for you wake up realize the truth


i look around at whats going on all this shit is far gone nothing to lose cause theres nothing left you saved yourself you fucked the rest to bad your out for yourself dont give a fuck for no one else couldnt just let it lie now its time you fucking die why cant you see that you wont last ill always remember the past in the end youll be done all because your fucking fun

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