EYE 2 EYE is a hardcore band from upstate New York. The members include Kenny (vocals), Tony & Tony BCS (guitars), Gary (Muttley) BCS (bass), and Julio (Drums). They have played with such bands as All Out War, 25 ta life, Irate, Billy Club Sandwich, Section 8, Candiria, Inner Dam, Ground Zero, Implicate, Hatebreed, Blood for Blood, Reach the Sky and MANY, MANY others. Most song lyrics are about fucked up shit that happeneds in everyday life.

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Issue #2 also includes: Four in the Chamber-Alterkation-Cipher-Clubber Lang-Death Threat-Denile-Diecast-Dysphoris-Irate-Malicious Intent-Mushmouth-NJ Bloodline-One Second Thought-Overthrow-Relentless-Skarhead-Strength for a Reason. For ordering info: Koen Schrooten, Peerderbann 29, 3670 Meeuwen, Belgium. or Email him HERE

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This was taken from the November 97 issue of Thrift Store Injection
EYE 2 EYE is not only a beautiful N.Y.H.C. band but they kick so much ass it's not even funny. Their demo has 5 songs with great, powerful lyrics. They make you want to punch people in the head hard repeatedly.

This was taken from the Issue 1 of The Dopefiend!
This demo is paht as hell!! They have an old school sound to them you can hear in kenny's voice. The lyrics are kick ass and you can understand what they are saying, which is hard to come by in a lot of bands now. Definitely one of OC's better bands!!!

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