Live Rochester NY Monroe Ave NEIGHBORHOOD!

BACKGROND: Skyline, Revolving Restaurant, Bausch & Lomb, Xerox, Lincoln Tower, Midtown Plaza, IBM. 

FOREGROND: Mercury Posters, Gutenberg Books, Busy RTS Bus Stop At The Light Pole. 

NORTH SIDE Of Street: Casablanca Boutique, Brownbag Bookshop,  Oxford Square, Archimage, Bead Design, Silvio's, Poster Art, Aladins Restaurant (note the awning roof) , Pauls Grocery,  JD Oxfords Pub. 

THERE are many people passing through this area by: Bicycle, Skateboard, (3 skateboard shops in a half mile area) Rollerblades, Jogging, Dog Walking, Couple Walking, Groups Of Teens, Groups Of Adult Partiers, similar to an outdoor mall. 

From Webcam 1 Above The Oasis Restaurant Looking West and North From Sumner Park. 

VERY Excellent NIGHT VIEWING. This Page Auto Refreshes Each 15 Seconds Image Size = 640 X 480 Click Image To Return To DigitalSter.Com
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