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  • If you would like to use the Jpilot connection provide from this page, you MUST check the yes box on the pop up when asked to grant permission by your web browser for Jpilot to work.

  • If you are new to IRC or "Internet Relay Chat" this is a great place to begin, besides having a no fuss link to #rochester, you will also be able to explore every major U.S. state and city chat on three of the worlds largest IRC networks if you are not afraid to do a little bit of mouse clicking.

  • #rochester is located on the World's Largest, and BEST IRC Network, IRC Dalnet.

  • This page uses JPilot to allow you to connect to #rochester on the Dalnet IRC Network. However, there are perhaps hundreds of programs you may use to connect to IRC, as you will quickly learn once you begin.

  • If you are ready to begin, click below to enter the Internet's OLDEST and original form of chat. This IS where the power users play, ask in #rochester if you would like to move onto more sophisticated chat software.

  • #rochester is OPEN 24/7 and holds a scheduled chat on Monday Nights 9 PM - 11 PM East .

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